Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Yesterday marked some rather ground breaking things in a few different, sort of related, arenas.

1) I went to the doc for my 16 week appointment and found out that, since Christmas, I have already gained back HALF of the weight that I lost last year (if you read the post where I mentioned how much I lost you can do the math, if you didn't I will not divulge it now). Isn't that amazing!?!?! Personally, I am impressed with myself- also a little disgusted- but mostly impressed. If you read this post a while back you know about my preoccupation.

And back again. Bad lighting+awkward smile=typical ana pregnancy picture


2) I participated in the first form of exercise since being about 6 weeks pregnant- a 10 week break from working out and I went from having this as my daily workout routine 4 short months ago:
to barely being able to jog 1/4 mile. Also impressive.

Now I will give myself some credit here and say I had NEVER been that skinny/in shape ever in my life before, so I was bound to regress at some point AND I am actually ahead of the game in terms of where I was weight wise when I was pregnant with Bernadette- so I am feeling good.

But with all that said, I am beginning my pregnancy diet/workout regiment to attempt to not gain an average of 8 pounds every doctor's appointment. This plan really just means:
  • no more daily fast food, for every meal
  • no more mid-morning hot dog snacks
  • no more nightly reeses cups (sniff)
  • not more middle of the night confetti cake 
  • do anything at all by way of physical activity. I think I will try some of Dwija's tricks.
  • maybe try to eat every 3 hours instead of every 2
It's gonna be rough people, I am not gonna lie, but I think I can do it.

3) Unrelated, but watch out, I am sewing again.
And it is going to rock your world

4) And the last monumental thing that's been happening recently worth noting:
The girls are finally deciding to both smile for pictures together (yes that is a smile for Bernadette there) and it is making for some better pictures. 

Here's to changes on many fronts!


  1. I'm mourning the loss of your nightly reece's along with you Ana...I love those suckers and the stupid ploy at the gas station this morning had 2 king sized reeces for $3. Okay, since when do I ever need 8 reeces anyway? but I was silly and purchased them both. (I didn't eat them both at least!) I really need to step away from the addiction that is chocolate and peanut butter...

  2. I am so with you on the exercise front! I even purchased a special pregnancy DVD for the extra motivation (I hate staring at skinny, fit girls when I look like a whale), but's still in the packaging! Gotta get my rear in gear!

  3. Bbbbbbuuttt, middle of the night cake is the best! I wish you all the luck in the world!

  4. What is up with that confetti cake - it's like crack for pregnant women. I have to say that I dropped my last pregnancy weight the quickest because I worked out (ran/aerobics classes) until the fifth month, then I gave up sweets for Lent which occured in the middle of my pregnancy, and I walked 4 to 6 miles a day from months 5 to 9. OK, that sounds REALLY braggy, But I'm just trying to say that your plan is so going to work!! And now I'm going to read all about your weight loss last year....

  5. I will take the time to say that SERIOUSLY I have always thought of you as beautiful pregnant, not pregnant, you name it =). I really admire your drive to keep yourself healthy and hope to emulate it in the future. Don't be too hard on yourself though =). Also, I am glad your snacks have been so delicious. I think I just had like 10 cravings all of the sudden...yum, confetti cake! Can't wait to see what you sew!