Monday, June 18, 2012

Worst wife

I woke up yesterday morning the same fog that I wake up in every morning, feeling something akin to the old high school "drank too much all the time" days, because sometimes being pregnant and losing large amounts of sleep due to toddlers feels like being drunk.

So naturally I was in the same self-centered attitude I usually am thinking about how much of a modern day martyr I am for all the sacrifices I make, yada yada yada. I groggily opened my computer to check the usuals: reader, email, blogger, facebook, and since it was a Sunday at 6:45 a.m., there really wasn't much happenin. I opened my facebook and checked my notifications to find that somebody had "liked" my status update. Ok, that is fine, except that I never update my status and definitely hadn't that day or the day before or any time recently.

And in fact, I hadn't, but here is what I found:

Mike kind of shares of facebook account with me insofar as he no longer has his own and occasionally gets on mine to check out what is happening, and apparently to sneakily update my statuses without my knowing...

But actually he was right, I had completely forgotten about father's day. You would think that all the father-centered blog posts and pictures on facebook that people were posting the entire day prior would have given something away, but my pregnant fog does not allow those things to penetrate too far into my brain. Anyhow, his cute indirect reminder was luckily early enough that I had enough time to get some cards together and whip up some batter or Mike's favorite, "German pancakes," aka crepes.

But I made sure to keep him down to earth during the day with my constant complaining about my exhaustion and preggo discomfort. I wouldn't want him to forget what makes him such a good husband and father.

So just in case you thought you were the worst wife, know I've got you beat.


  1. You mean I wasn't the only prego out there who complained all day about not getting sleep because her toddlers have decided they need to find her wherever she is and make sure she doesn't sleep? Thank goodnes....:)

  2. Hey, at least you didn't skip father's day ON PURPOSE. I just told him he was getting a newborn for his father's day present, and maybe it would be a few days late, but that he should suck it up because HE doesn't have to be in labor.

    Did I just steal the worst wife trophy from you?

  3. hey, it sounds like a pretty understandable predicament to me! it's awesome mike sometimes plays sneaky jokes which actually end up being helpful though! Pretty funny, really =).

  4. LOL. I stumbled across your blog and have to ask if I can join the worst wives club because my hubby made family pancake breakfast while I was on the computer after promising I wouldn't go online for Fathers Day. I love your humor. If you are in Mother Angelica's territory (Hanceville, AL), please announce it. I will stalk you. :)