Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just a reminder

I am sure most of you read or have heard of Grace Patton's blog (if you haven't, now you have and your life just got a little bit brighter).

Grace was lovely enough to ask Mike to join her in a little series on NFP last week (an earlier contribution from Jenny @ Mama Needs Coffee can also be found here), and I figured just in case any of you fine readers missed it, you could go CHECK IT OUT as well as scope her fantastic, hilarious blog.

And this is my sorry excuse for a post today, but I'll leave you with a NON grainy picture of the man himself-- who, by the way, taught me all the ways of Picasa last night and now you will no longer have to suffer through horrid photobooth pictures. Yay!

"I honestly don't understand why you always post pictures where I look either irritated or constipated. You really need to stop."


  1. ha. we need to get him and Simon bff+e that have never met dog tags.

    thanks for the link Ana!!!

  2. I actually found you through Grace's blog. Glad you figured out the photo issue (and I'm sure Mike is now extremely glad that he helped you out with that.)

  3. Loved Mike's post. Sent it to my hubby who also loved it, and forwarded it to a gazillion guy friends! My comment to Grace was "Mike Hahn?? As in son of Scott?" Love that whole family!! You're a lucky girl. And I love your blog too.

  4. I liked the post, but I really like the picture, because it looks like my husband, right down to the expression and the comment. Perfect.