Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Whiny Weenie

As I approach with sheer terror my next dr. appointment, I have been putting fourth all efforts to keep the added poundage to a minimum- if only to avoid any further awkward/infuriating conversations. As a result I've been doing things like "exercising" and "having no joy in my life at all" "not eating sweets" which requires more than a little self control on my part, as well as averting my gaze from those darned McDonalds billboards slathered with delightful pictures of chocolate dipped vanilla soft served cones.
for the love of all that is good, somebody go out and eat one of these for me
This is most likely all in vain and will probably leave me utterly dejected and depressed after my upcoming visit. The plus side of that though is that I will most certainly eat my fattened sorrows away with the above treat.

As a part of my new desperate-attempt-to-not-gain-weight-routine we've been heading out for morning walks as many days of the week as we can and for as long as we can-- since it's already into the 90s by 9 a.m. and that is just yucky. We follow the walk with some hellish torture Jillian Michaels on some of the mornings.

This morning found me disciplined enough to get us the heck out the door, but I am not going to lie, I wanted to hitch a ride back to our house almost every step of the way. Here are some numbers to give you a glimpse into the fun:
  • Number of pointless sprinklers doing nothing for people's yards but hitting the innocent pregnant mother with 2 toddlers just as she passes by-- 10 (or more)
  • Number of dead birds run over-- 1
  • Number of minutes I HAD TO PEE SO BADLY-- 38
  • Number of times I needed push down as hard as possible on the handle of the double stroller to get it to go over the 1 inch bump in the side walk-- 38 appox
  • Number of braxton hicks I had to lean on the stroller for support for and breath through-- 38 approx
  • Number of decades of the rosary prayed out of desperation that I might not flip out on an whining toddler-- 2.5
  • Number of drops I actually had in my bladder after returning home and sprinting to the bathroom to expel-- 10 
  • Number of minutes I actually attempted to do any strength with Jillian-- 0
  • Number of pounds probably gained from trying not to gain weight with this undoubtedly pointless routine-- who the hell knows, probably 3
I'm not complaining or anything. Wait, yes I am. I'm just a little bitter about the sprinklers.

And because everybody loves a super grainy picture of an increasingly pregnant woman:
more legit 25 wk.pic including head And reeeaaalllly big earrings.
I promise I will figure out my picture thing soon, this is getting to be ridiculous.

Now go read something that is actually entertaining.


  1. I am DREADING my next appointment too. I have to retake the glucose test because I barely passed the first time around. A pass is a pass in my book, but I guess not for the OB. :( Needless to say, I've been putting it off big time, but with my appointment Monday, the time's ticking. Dreading the appointment because I keep having nightmares that I failed! I can't handle any more stress! haha Prayers for your appointment if you pray for mine! :)

  2. first things first, you look so GORGEOUS! second, i failed my first glucose test too and passed my second...whoever invented those things needs to get their fingers pricked until they make them fool-proof. you'll be fine! i'll say some prayers and eat some sweets for you!

  3. Well you look amazing in your photo! I can't believe that doc would put you through such stress when you look so good! Anyway, I hope that things are better than you expect and that you get to indulge in your dipped cone with great joy (as I am sure won't be difficult...I'm going to investigate these for myself. . .)

  4. I think you look too adorable! And I agree, that Dr is ridiculous for making you feel bad! Walking is good, but hard to do while preggo hehe When preggo with my 2nd, I used to walk at the mall so that I could A- be in the AC and B- use the bathroom there like 3 times during the walk hehe

  5. Ohhh, you are so cute!! Forget what your dr says/said whatever. You look adorable and healthy!

  6. You look fantastic. I won't even tell you how much weight I gained with each baby. And then had to tortuously lose. That McDonalds thing looks yummy. My craving with my first? Arby's Jamoca shakes. Hence, the tortuous weight loss mentioned above. Or you could be like my best friend, who 32 weeks with her 4th, gained a bunch on the last visit, subsequently stabbed herself (accidently) in the eye with her car keys, resulting in a tear to her cornea. She was in such pain for 4 days that she couldn't eat. Scale was down the next visit. I don't recommend that weight loss program...!

  7. One word -- AQUACISE!!! Make Mike take the kids (I made Rob take care of Jack for two classes a week). So much cooler!!! And really, your OB is a bit nutty about the weight gain thing -- don't let her bully you! A dipped cone is my favourite treat in the world. : )

  8. 1) you look FANTASTIC

    2) this was totally hilarious :)

  9. Oh goodness, I am right there with you. I gained 40 pounds with each of mine and now on the 4th I am determined to at least keep it at that. But to do that you like, have to stop eating everything in sight and maybe exercise. ARggghhhhhhh. Don't listen to your doc, though, seriously. . . I asked mine in the middle of my last pregnancy about how concerned was she about my weight gain, etc. She said, "Honey, you got two other kids and you've got to survive this. You gotta eat what you gotta eat and we'll worry about the weight loss when it's all over." I guess opinions differ! Thanks for being so honest, though; it's helping me deal with the lack of ice cream!

    1. Um, please please please send your doctor to me!!! Does she do VBACS?? That is why I am stuck with this one, otherwise I would totally look elsewhere. She is a great doctor, but I really don't need this added stress. Yours sounds fantastic!!

    2. Yeah, I'm going for the VBAC this time around and we'll see how it goes. Always scary, I guess, but she said if anyone can do it, I'm a good candidate, having 2 vaginal births before the c-section. We'll see!

    3. Yes you are, I am sure it will be great. I also had a vaginal birth the first time and it went great. Was your baby breech?? Prayers for you!

  10. Ohmygosh. If that's what you look like at 25 weeks, and your OB is giving you flack about it, I think she would have me arrested if she ever caught sight of me at the same stage. You look gorgeous!

  11. good luck keeping the weight gain to a minimum. My baby is 4 1/2 months and I still have that last 5 pounds to lose. I keep thinking if only I'd shown a bit more restrain and control during pregnancy, I'd be back to pre-pregnancy weight...ugh! Ice cream and pregnant women just seem to go together so well!