Friday, August 3, 2012

7 big ones

Bernadette is making this goat feel more uncomfortable than he has ever been before
7 quick takes is the only thing holding me accountable to blog anymore, since the children I am rearing have nearly broken me and stolen my soul and all my spirit, and I am literally hiding in the bathroom right now to type this out.

So it will be quick, but at least it will be something.
7 favorite things this Friday. And, GO:

We had family visit this week, and I realized how much I love love love that my girls have super fun uncles. Nothing makes them happier or gives me the chance to sit and do nothing for such long spurts of time. WIN WIN. 

The uncles will hold 2 favorite spots in this post, since they helped Mike to tear down and rebuild the fence on an entire side of our yard, which would have cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars to have someone else do or ALL of Mike's sanity if he had done it it by himself. Uncles (plus Mike's mom and dad) rule.

Keeping it in the family, I would say that the girls' "Nana," aka Mike's mother, gets a spot since she so graciously got up with the girls each morning while hey were here AND cleaned my kitchen all the time AND did lots of laundry AND is just downright fantastic.

Next would have to be THIS RECIPE, since it is the very best strawberry shortcake I have ever tasted, and you must must must try it some time, if you love yourself and those around you at all.
One of my new favorite blogs ever is THIS ONE. Paige is hysterical and I almost pee a little with excitement every time I see that she has written. I often read her posts aloud to Mike and even he laughs, because she is that funny. Her posts on her toddlers helping her around the house are some of my favorites. 

Speaking of blog favorites. I read THIS today and also almost peed my pants laughing a little. I would blame pregnancy, but I can never be sure whether it is only that...

Lastly but never leastly would be a one-liner by Mike last night. I was sitting in bed letting him know how far along I am in the pregnancy (28 weeks- 3rd trimester baby!!!!). And he looked at me and deadpanned: 
"Just exactly how pregnant do you think you are going to get?"
recycled awkward Mike picture because I really should leave the bathroom and check on the children....

For more fun ones, go see Jen.
Happy Friday!


  1. Oh Simcha always makes me laugh. Except the one time I got to meet her in person, and I said "Hey! You're Simcha from I Have to Sit Down"! and she dead-panned, "And now I have to find my seat" and I was all confused, and like, "Oh, ok" while secretly upset that she was just going to walk away, and then realizing her joke. Oh my goodness, I can be so dumb like that. I do much better at getting people's humor through their writing!!

  2. Thank you so much for the sweet mention! I think you and I probably almost pee ourselves doing anything these days, but I'll gladly take the compliment...:) Btw, Mike's comment is probably the funniest thing I've heard this entire pregnancy. Now I'm panicking because I didn't outline how many weeks I want this trimester to last.

  3. Isn't it the best when family comes and gets stuff done for you? I love it.

    And Mike's comment made me smile. Thanks for sharing his comedic gems. :)

  4. I swear to you that I love my brothers on a whole new level now that I've got all of these crazy kids. They come to visit, they wrestle and play and understand all the Super Hero talk...uncles are priceless :)

  5. Yay for all that stuff, and thanks Mike for making me laugh!