Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back to my regularly scheduled program...

of good old fashioned child rearing.

After a day off of mothering, spent mostly with adults, a long car drive with no one to take care of but myself, no one to feed but myself, going to the bathroom alone, having uninterrupted conversations, listening to whatever music I want to in the car with the windows down and singing as loudly as I want without being asked to be quiet by a 3-year-old-- I am back to the grind.

But not without a few pictures to prove that I did, in fact, abandon my post here at Casa de Crazy.
Cutest shower spread I have ever seen, complete with creepy, but very crafty, melon head baby in fruit bowl

Look at those cupcakes- best ever

Me, my non-pregnant sister, and the lady of honor.
It was super lovely and I really wished I could have stayed longer- I think Milwaukee may be one of my favorite cities to visit ever. Plus I have a bit of a family crush on my sister-in-law's family and I could spend hours and hours with them, they're pretty fly.

So in conclusion: Mike is the best for keeping the girls all day.


  1. This looks like it was awesome! So happy for your brother and sister in-law!!

  2. You look so cuuuuute! Congrats on the break!

  3. Wait!!!!! You were still taking care of one child (in utero)!!!

  4. That melon baby: officially creepy. And officially on the to-make list.