Thursday, August 16, 2012

Because you care

After a few pleas on the part of the 2 tiny females and me facing the fact that Bernadette is no longer that much better of a sleeper than her older bosom buddy, I decided to cave and have the girls start to share a room.

This was morning #2 and the outcome was a 7:30 a.m. run to get donuts for the girls and a much larger, much stronger coffee for the mother who has been awakened at the unholy hour of 5:30 for the second. morning. in a row. This is after at least 4 middle of the night trips to empty my bladder of the 3 drops that are in it and the girls keeping each other up much later laughing and talking. Which basically transforms me into a twitching ball of anger, and them into cranky, sleepy messes, unless placated by some Starbucks and a couple donut holes. So we're ok, for now.

But for real, I don't know if I could keep this up if they don't start sleeping longer.
My hypothesis is that they both wake up that early in general and then go back to sleep until about 6:30, but since they are in the room together they're all excited and just HAVE to get up and start talking and wake their otherwise slumbering mother. 

I think I can hold out hope that the novelty of sleeping just feet from each other will soon ware off and the knowledge that if they do not sleep later, their mother turns into an over-sized angry sloth will soon set in for them and make them sleep later. Also, them sleeping in the same room is most certainly not doing their day time relationship any favors since they are both exhausted from sleep loss and therefore constantly biting each others' heads off all day.

 I realize these pictures are not a convincing depiction of their sleep deprived state, you will just have to trust me
Worth it or not? What say you, oh plethora of more experienced, holier and more patient mothers than myself? I am currently listening to a screaming 2-year-old and thinking that it is not, but I can bite the bullet if you tell me it will get better.

Until then, I have been staring at my "treat receipt" from the Bucks, seriously considering going back this afternoon for my discounted drink. They really know how to reel in the sleep deprived SAHM- kudos on the technique there, starbucks.

30 weeks today and looking like I feel. you like those brown sweat-shorts, don't you? they are the secret to feel sexy.

If you listened to all this gratuitous rambling, you deserve a delicious coffee drink, so go get one and have a great Thursday.


  1. I am so glad you shared the secret for feeling sexy! I bet Naomi and Bernadette are SO excited, haha. Maybe TOOOO excited? I hope that part wares off soon and they realize how lovely it is to feel rested...If someone could invent something to make kids see the value of sleep, I think they'd be really rich.

  2. At least your arms are super toned and hot. Honestly, I wore earplugs when Joey was still not sleeping and I had given up on ever getting a full 6 hours during trimesters dos and tres. Am I ashamed? Nope.

  3. haha! My girls share a rooom (almost 3 and 19 months) and have for over 6 months. the first few nights were hard. then the novelty wore off. Now they both wake up in the middle of the night for "scream fests" I like to think that they are happily screaming at eachother. Most nights we sleep through it and as long as we don't hear the "thud" followed by "blood curdling scream" we don't bother them. I don't know if that is the best solution though...

  4. oh and ps: go get that coffee!!

  5. I've been there (twice) with my older set and my younger set. The novelty will wear off quickly. One suggestion I would make is to get them a digital clock and place it prominently in the room. Make a sign that says 6:30 (or whatever time you choose) and tell them they can't come out of their room until the clock matches the signe. Even as young as Bernadette is, she can match that with Naomi's help. You can make a sticker chart of some sort and let them put a sticker on for every morning that they follow the rule. 10 sticker = a prize (of Mom's choosing). I did this with my younger two (who are now 9 and 7) and it worked pretty well. You may still wake up earlier, but at least you can lie in your bed and pretend to sleep........

  6. Go get that coffee right now. You deserve it.

  7. 1. YES, go get another Starbucks! I have been LIVING off of chai lattes this pregnancy.

    2. I would LOVE of a pair of those brown sweat shorts for my 30-week old self. Still available to purchase??

    3. I have been dealing with the same no sleep thing with Emme and I am PETRIFIED for Baby #2 to come without her being on a schedule. I was telling my mom about it and she suggested I simply start telling God, "Emme has no schedule." Just let him know, I don't need to ask and beg for more sleep, he'll know what to do. So my latest and most frequent prayer has been, "God, Emme has no schedule." I'm thinking of adding on..."You have 2 months..." Good luck! ;)

  8. I have a 4 year old and a 2 1/2 year old that have been sharing a room since October. Our wake up time is definitely earlier....they each used to sleep about a 1/2 hour longer. But yes the first few nights tough and the novelty wore off.....that being said, it has been so cute hearing them whisper and giggle before they go to sleep, this will only deepen their bond as sisters. Btw, love your girls' names...we have a Lucy Bernadette

  9. It WILL get better (I know that's what you want to hear!)

    P.S. My holier-than-thou hubby won't let me support Starbucks anymore :( I miss it.

    P.P.S. You look ahmahzing!!!!! And I kind of hate you for it :)

    P.P.P.S. I thought of you today, and I'll email you a picture showing you why...

  10. Oh, how do you look that good that pregnant?? Aggghhh. We finally bit the bullet and put our 1, 2, and 3 year old in the same room. It was a bad week or 2 and we've had bouts of that again, but really, it's better to do that before you're up with a newborn all night too!! At least, that's what I'm telling myself. Now my 1 year old has started crawling out of the crib, so the other 2 can't get up and come out quietly and leave him sleeping in the morning. . soooo. . . he's down about 2 hours of total sleep which has made for not a very pleasant week. Hopefully that resolves itself soon. Not sure how though!