Thursday, August 9, 2012

stress blogging

Has to be better than stress eating, right? Because I just got done inhaling a bagel and 3 tablespoons of chocolate chip cookie dough, only to realize that it is not helping. Oh, please, dearest blog, bring some sweet relief.

Once again, Simcha has read my soul- or rather I think she has been peeking through my window throughout the day and went ahead and wrote a little post of validation so that I will not give in to the little crazy calling my name ("Mommy?" "Mommy?" "Mommy!" "Mommy?" "Mommy!" "Mommyyyyy!!" ad infinitum). If you don't have kids or have an insane toddler yanking on your leg demanding that you "pick-a-up" NOW OR SHE WILL DIE like I currently do, this is the gist: the stage in parenting when you have only little-ones who are completely dependent on you is the hardest and once you've got older ones to help it gets easier.

Certainly, if you are in the tough stage with small kids, read it, it is great.

Bernadette has hit and I mean HIT the "terrible twos." I know, I know, it's so negative to call them "terrible," let's try something more positive like "temporary" or "testing." But seriously, I have never seen a child more aptly embody all that is "terrible" about the age (nor did I know that it was physically possible for a 28 pound little person to overpower both a 27-year-old woman and almost overpower 29-year-old man with her insane back-arching out of your arms, flailing, kicking and even biting during a tantrum). All this is true, and I have seen it for myself. And, yes, it is terrible.

Naomi woke up at 5:30 today and then proceeded to go into Bernadette's room well before I would've, to greet her for the day. This led to an endless string of meltdowns caused by total fatigue-- more pathetic than you could handle, for realz. And I had to take away her (and my) one source of salvation (an afternoon viewing of Dumbo) because even after many solicitations not to go into my room and break the porcelain Nativity set (don't ask why it is out), she did it anyways. And there is no one else around to help.

In short, it felt good to have the validation this morning that this, in fact, is one of the hardest seasons of parenting. And that yes, other mothers feel like they may be on verge of going nuts, but it didn't help with the fact that this feels like the longest freakin' season and that it might never end. Also, although I noticed that Simcha didn't offer to send one of her teenagers to any desperate mothers seeking help one, I still may write to ask for one.

So for now I will keep on keepin' on, aka, keep on eating: I have eaten 2 chocolate chip cookies just while writing this and have officially smeared melted chocolate chip all over my keyboard.

Pray for my sanity.

Thank you.


  1. Oh, I hear you- I am dealing with a fun toddler, too. And thanks for sharing that article! Such a good read.

  2. I remember how difficult that time was. It's very hard, especially with those Strong Willed children, persevere! It feels like there is no end but one day you will look back on them and thank God you both lived;)

  3. At least you know there's a light at the end of the tunnel from those of us that have gone before you. That is one of the best parts of blogging...knowing that you're not alone!

  4. Best book I ever read: Making the Terrible Twos Terrific. I've read it for each child and it really helps. Really. Also, you are absolutely correct - having older kids makes toddler much easier. My first 3 were 9, 2 and newborn. Even with the 9 year old, it was so hard with two littles. Then 4 years before the next one. What a HUGE difference - having a new born with a teenager, and almost 7 year old and an almost 5 year old. Totally different picture. Hang in there - we've all been there and survived (althought some days I wondered if I would). Now they are all getting so grown up and I actually miss my littles.

  5. Agreed! I threw up the same "Dear God, Please bless Simcha" response to that article. Sounds like Peter and Bernadette are going to be very good friends.

  6. I have a very hard time with my toddler as well. Most days I don't know how I am NOT insane by the end of it! I loved that blog by Simcha. I often tell myself it will get easier, but I think what helps me more is just *trying* to embrace it - the craziness and all, the messy house, everything! Hanging out with other moms in my place also helps me a ton! Makes me know that I am not the only one our there. :) And reading mommy blogs like yours too! :)

  7. Omgawsh this is exactly what I needed to hear today!! I don't know what happened to Emme but she went from attached to EXTREMELY attached! She breaks down into completeeee hysterics if I don't carry her everywhere! "UUUUPPPP" is all I hear each day. I was feeling like a terrible mother, why can't I figure out my child?! Thanks for reminding me that I'm not the only one going through this! Or the only one that stress eats ;) Hey, we're 7 months pregnant right?! BTW, this heat and pregnancy is HORRIBLE! We can do this...

  8. Yesterday at work there was a 2 year old crying INCESSANTLY. and LOUDLY. and PROLONGED, and LOUD!!!! and poor mom was so. over. it. There were several attempts by staff to cheer or distract her but to no avail. Poor baby, she was sick and having a chest xray. It pulled on my heart so much. Because I remember that time. Vividly. And now you bring it back as well. All I can say DOES pass. You are right. So. Hug 'em, love 'em and take lots of pictures and videos of tantrums because before you know it....they are off to high school!!!