Wednesday, September 12, 2012

hump day

We made it out of our Monday Funk (I know you were all sick with worry, you can put your barf buckets away now). I felt like a veritable tool yesterday after reading this article, in light of my cry-baby post on Monday and realized I should probably shape the heck up before this new babe comes. No matter how hard things seem right now, I am rather doubtful that they will miraculously be easier after adding another baby. Anywho, it probably won't mean less complaining, but I will try...

Either way, we are now happy to be half way done with this week and moving toward the weekend which holds the treasure of a visit from the IN-LAWS aka mucho distraction for the youngins. It also holds a day-long retreat for this mother who is pretty much perpetually in need of a break.
We ventured out to Notre Dame's newest hotspot for anyone who cares for children...
Even though we're pretty sure they just built this park for the tailgaters, it has been a sweet find for us.
 Completely fenced in and shaded.
 Lots of climbing apparatuses.
Makes for a non/minimally-sweaty, happy mother who can sit and watch her children run and climb to their hearts' content.

When Notre Dame does something, they do it right. I am just glad we made out in this case.


  1. Weird comment from me....I was just reading your blog where you mention your in laws, and my former babysitter who is now a freshman at fus texted me asking if she could give your mil my contact info for a reference so that she could be in that ministry to moms group. What a small world!!!

  2. You're the second person who pointed me towards that article of Simcha's today. Must read it.

  3. So jealous! I wish they'd had that at ND when me and my husband were finishing up our Master's at ND (we were actually in some classes with Mike!). It would have been fun to take our Stinker there!!

    And aren't in-law visits AWESOME?!

  4. We were just there this morning. One of our favorite hangs. Let's coordinate our playground hours, k?

  5. So sorry it's taken me so long to come back and visit. Oh, how I understand the craziness you're going through. I thought the twins were going to drive me crazy before I went in to have the baby. The good news is relief is right around the corner for you. Soon, you can sleep on your back, have a beer, and start working on wearing normal pants without panels in them.

    Unfortunately, the third child is so much easier to take care of when it's still in the womb. So says the mother who no longer knows when she will get to sleep again. Perhaps 2013?