Monday, September 10, 2012

The worst

Another dynamite Monday over here, and against all my better instincts, I have decided to spillllll my complaint juices all over your clean, white-carpeted Monday happiness.

My mental consensus is that if your morning starts at 4:55 a.m., complaining is fair game.

Also, what else do you sign up for here? Yup, so on with complaining.

To Naomi's credit, her wide eyed awakening before the 5 a.m. hour was because she NEEDED to tell me about her dream where she was "holding a little boy" (whatever the H that means). I went ahead and placed her back into her bed, and as always, she came back out a solid 3 more times mingled with her waking her very angry sister at least once before the 7 a.m. hour.

So my eyes have been open since 4:40, which is when I woke up to visit el banyo because the in-utero babe will tolerate no more than 3 drops of liquid in the bladder at any given time since it is "crowding her space." Her words, not mine.

Unfortunately, and stupidly, my new punishment for Naomi for getting out of bed and waking me up that early is "no movies"-- or the incentive to stay in bed is a "special movie watch," look at it how you will. The movie watch has always been my one go-to sanity trick when she does get up that early, so it is really just a punishment for me. Again, stupid.

Bernadette graced us with her screamy, fevery (surprise!) presence at her normal-human hour of 7 and of course needed to be held held held due to the said surprise 102 fever she awoke with.

So then we kept the greatness going with a nearly all-family trip-- all family would have meant Mike's help, which would not have jibed with the anti-awesomeness that has been this day--to my 10 minute check-the-heartbeat-see-you-in-2-weeks prenatal visit. We had gotten the fever down by this point and therefore I decided- naturally- to nurse my Monday wounds with the balm of a trip to Target, a pumpkin spice latte (don't tell Mike), and a new super-duper-clearanced pair of maternity jean shorts-- because one can never own too many pairs of maternity jorts.

On the way home from Target my standard Sunday migraine decided to make a return guest appearance, because this Monday is just that special.

Aaaaaand my bread machine decided to break mid-dough making for our pizza dinner. This was the hour when I finally gave in on the "no movie" rule because at least at this point I could say it was "just for Bernadette because she is sick" (LIAR) and let Beezie pick out her own favorite movie, which just so happens to be Naomi's favorite too.

Although it stopped mid-cycle, the bread machine had apparently kneaded the dough enough so that it could rise just fine and not leave us all a bunch of starving, feverish, headachey messes, just feverish and headachey

And now I am off to top off the day with some extra-strength tylenol and straight nutella eating since the vino I long to be drinking would certainly exacerbate the throbbing.

Good night.


  1. If you're having a bad day, want to take my kid? We're having a rough day too.


    At least one of us can enjoy this Monday then.

  2. Oh, pregnancy migraines are the worst! Hang in there Ana!

    1. Thanks, Mary! I am a first class baby when it comes to all small sufferings, so I am sure it is not nearly as bad as it could be- thank you, Lord!!

  3. Gross. But Nutella should help. And if it doesn't, you can probably still get in on the class action lawsuit against the company for not making Nutella a health food.

  4. Oh my gosh. I love you and your terrible day because our terrible days can be twins. We wouldn't want them to be lonely, would we?!?!?!?!

  5. A boy! I swear kids know these things. Now I can't wait to find out. :D
    So sorry for your crappy day. Man, your Monday made mine look almost like a vacation. Hope you all are feeling better asap!

  6. Well, it's Tuesday and I'm behind on reading, so hope it's better and the migraine is gone!
    A boy baby? Hmmm, if this one's a girl, then is it....

    Praying you are feeling much better today.

  7. Girl, I have three children under age 6, and when I need pizza dough, I make it with a bowl and a spoon these days. Check out this recipe- no bread machine needed. If you want it a little more risen, make it earlier in the day and pop it in the fridge until you need it. Takes 5 minutes if you make up a few bags of the dry stuff when you're mixing up the first bowl and stash them in the pantry... I hardly knead it, and I roll it out with very little flour. This stuff is forgiving...