Friday, October 26, 2012

Postpartum quick takes

Joining Mrs. Fulwiler and many others for some not-so-quick takes from this not-so-quick mind of mine. And too many pictures. Have fun!

1) After spending an absolutely fabulous week with my mother-in-law, Mike and I have been trying out having 3 kids on our own this week until my parents arrive tonight. Before I move on too fast here are some super cute photos from the MIL visit so that we don't forget just how wonderful it was:
Helping Bernadette not accidentally gouge one of Lucy's eyes out minutes after arriving home from the hospital.

Nana reading Charlotte's Web to Naomi (her mini-me), they got about half way through and of course I have not quite carried the torch as I might have promised I would #worstmotherever

It was so great to have her here and her help was invaluable. Love postpartum days.

2) I feel absolutely fantastic. I was telling Mike all of my favorite things about not being pregnant and explaining why the worst sleep deprivation with a nursing newborn is 100% better than the discomforts of pregnancy (especially my last few weeks of this pregnancy) so that he can remind me in a few weeks when I am dealing with week upon week of no sleep. He promised that he would.

3) I have decided to try to keep our days as normal as possible in the in between time before my parents' visit, including taking the girls to several play dates, making "normal" (if my normal you mean frozen) meals, and trying to keep the house not overwhelmingly disgusting. It is working, but it *may* be due to the fact that the youngest is 10 days old and still sleeps 92% of the day. Maybe. Or maybe I am awesome.

4) In order to fuel my "keeping things normal" fire, I have been drinking substantially more coffee, especially now that I like the taste of it. I splurged at the store today and picked up some Dunkin' Donuts Pumpkin Spice coffee, and just in case you were wondering if it is overkill to drink pumpkin spice coffee with pumpkin spice creamer, the answer is a resounding NOOOOOO. There can never be too much pumpkin. Or, I may have a problem.

5) I am starting to feel bad for Naomi and Bernadette because I feel sure that I did not enjoy their newborn-ness like I am enjoying Lucy's. I was a twitching ball of anxiety when Naomi was a newborn and on too many pain meds the first few weeks of Bernadette's life to even remember how it was. But I could seriously sit and stare at Lucy all day and I DO NOT WANT HER TO GET BIGGER. Ever.

6) I will use the last 2 takes to overload you with pictures of our farewell to nice weather last night. While Mike and I were dating we bought a kite on one of our dates and flew it together. We still have it and have taken the girls out several times to fly it. Last night's attempt was our biggest success I think, which was great because I'm pretty sure it was the last really nice day we are going to have for a loooooong time.

First here are the blasts from the past:
Me looking not-at-all awkward during our date many moons ago/And Mike during a successful fly last year with both girls
7) And last night's success with one extra child:
the assembly and most likely disproportionate excitement.

Trying to fly it...


And some blurry proof that we were there
Have a fab friday!!


  1. So glad you are enjoying your babymoon.
    #4 ~ Agree, have not yet tried pumpkin coffee, but pumpkin chai with pumpkin creamer is a new fave!!

  2. Enjoy that beautiful newbie and all her squishy-ness! You are looking awesome by the way! I am a wee bit jealous over how quick you have bounced back!

  3. You ARE awesome!

    I feel the same way about not-so-little Mare Bear, though. Can't she just stay tiny and perfect and the best infant there every was in history? Pretty please? (that's my daily prayer)

  4. Love the pictures!! Just a question: which baby carrier are you wearing? I'm trying to make the right decision for my #2 who is expected to arrive when my first little guy is 15 months. I used the ring sling with him but that darn ring always got in the way! Congratulations on Lucy's birth!!

    1. yes- it is the moby wrap and I LOVE it. It is a little cumbersome to put on at first but once you gut the hang of it is goes super fast. Also it really holds your babe on tighly so you truly have the use of both hands-- which is why I wear it. I definitely recommend it, congrats on your number 2!!!

    2. I'll put that on my Christmas list! Thanks!!!!

  5. ah!! I'm so glad you're having such a good recovery. Lucy seems like such a perfect addition to your family. Maybe you can give me pointers for when I birth (and subsequently care for) this in-utero babe of mine?

  6. Look at you looking all fabulous so soon after giving birth!