Sunday, November 18, 2012

What I Wore Sunday

Other wise known as "What I WEAR EVERY Sunday" or "Bringing Denim Back, Justin Timberlake style" or "Homeschooling Never Looked so Good"- your pick.

Seriously, I started to worry this morning that folks at the old parish are going to start to notice that all I have worn since Lucy's birth is this denim skirt. I even had a cute new sweater dress all ready to wear this morning but reverted back to the denim. I would rather people notice my constant wearing of the skirt than have one of my rolls come lose from my trusty spanx, inadvertently hitting anyone sitting too close to the end of their pew while in the communion line- that would surely be more distracting that the repeated denim wearing. I trust the denim to hold things in if my spanx fail, a sweater dress will do no such thing.

Regardless, I am joining all the lovely ladies over at Fine Linen and Purple for a Sunday link up.
At the very least it might make you feel better about what you wore today.
the vignette to hide our mess of a house
Sweater & Skirt: Old Navy (sweater is maternity)
Shoes: Macy's
Tights: who keeps track of that?

And a close up of my faithful brownies:
They are super duper comfy and I will love them always until they die. And I'm letting you get up close and personal with the denim, because you deserve it.

Peace out party people.


  1. So impressed with you colorful sweater. I wear only black for both the pregnancy and the first year postpartum.. That Lucy is a nice accessory!

  2. I was just saying that about tights today. My tights came from the place where you buy tights!

  3. Hey, if you're going to wear the same thing every week, at least you chose something cute ;) Pretty sweater too!

  4. So you're saying the skirt is non-maternity?? Go you!!

  5. Those shoes are really cute. And I really like your skirt and sweater. You look great!
    Thanks for joining with us this week!

  6. Wear that skirt as much as you want, it's awesome!!! And you look MARVELOUS!!!

  7. What? I thought you just had a baby! Liar, there is no way because you look TOO DANG GOOD! :)

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  9. There's a soft spot in my heart for any mary-jane style shoes :)

  10. What brand of shoes are those!? Love them. I've been looking for some that don't show my ever swelling feet! Mary Janes are the best!