Friday, November 2, 2012

Quick life update

Joining Jen and the rest for some quick takes, because it is Friday and that is what I do.

1) My mom and dad came to stay for the week last Friday. They made a little appearance in Lucy's baptism post, but I did not give them enough blogtention (that's blog-attention, just a little word I made up).

I have been milking the help like a rabid, hungry nursing baby-- kind of gross, I know. Sorry. I might die when they leave tomorrow, if you don't hear from me in a few days, you might want to call the authorities.

2) They have been tag teaming entertaining the girls and letting me have more baby Lucy time like it is their job. Also the girls might die when they leave too. You'll find us lying somewhere in a heaping pile of sleep deprivation and under-stimulation.

3) I feel like this would only happen in my family: On Wednesday-- with only 2 full days left with us-- my dad decides to offer to tear up our old floor in our bathroom, put in a new floor, and install the new sink we had purchased a while ago. We've been wanting to finish this bathroom for a while, but were putting it off until next year. It took my dad 24 hours (and only a little bit of swearing) to do what would have taken Mike much longer and MUCH more swearing. But then, my dad is a professional contractor for a living.
Before and after: yes that is ceramic tile in place of the old n-n-nasty linoleum-- he is amazing
We still have to tear down layer upon layer of old wall paper in order to paint and then add some cuteness, but thanks to my dad, we have put a pretty good dent in this project. #bestpostpartumparentvisitever

4) My mom is the bomb too and made us this amazing goodness for dinner tonight. She's also been keeping pans of freshly baked brownies around, keeping this always starving nursing mother very full and happy. Brownie for dessert? And breakfast, lunch and snackies? Don't mind if I do! Until tomorrow. Oh gosh I am nauseous.

5) The election is fast approaching. I have decided this year to vote hedgehog. What will you do? Watch the video and let your conscience guide you.

6) It is becoming painfully obvious that I just use Jen's quick takes as a not very quick way to make up for my lack of blogging. Too many life details in one post? Never, just 7 quick takes.

7) Now for a baby picture:
Almost 3 weeks ancient. Thank you, Grace for making my baby stylish.


  1. So much Naomi in that picture! She is such a beauty :)

  2. Dad's can always do amazing things. I wonder when husbands learn those skills...

  3. Ana, I'm so jealous about your bathroom! We started re-doing ours and its draaaaaaaaaging on! I want somebody to come rescue us!

  4. Holy moly. I know there was lots of stuff in this post, but I'm gonna jump on the bandwagon and say I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT BATHROOM! It. Looks. Amazing. So impressed/jealous!

    Look at those tiny baby feet in those tiny baby socks....

  5. Nice bathroom! Aren't dads the best? My dad's philosophy is that when he is visiting new moms, if he isn't doing something, he is not welcome there. Fine by me!

  6. Glad the visit is going so well. The bathroom looks amazing, we recently put beadboard in our bathroom too and I LOVE IT!

  7. The bathroom look am-ma-ma-ma-mazing! I'll be sure to find a gas leak somewhere in the neighborhood to hang out in for a little bit so that I can come over and Christen it properly.....ickkkkk!

  8. She is so cute Ana! Your parents sound amazing!!

  9. um. send your dad HERE. i've been hit by the nesting bug with NO direction and am going insane in our crappily "decorated" house.

    wouldn't mind a bathroom from this century either.

    and LOVE her in that outfit ... loose jeggings!! something we see NOTHING of around here.