Friday, November 9, 2012

Quick takes for your Friday

 Here are some things you don't need to know. Happy Friday.

1) I wake up every morning to 2 never-changing things:
  1. Bernadette screaming: "The cow wakes up! The cow wakes up!" (We have this clock that tells the girls when they can get up and come get us, sometimes it actually works! Ours is a cow though, not a bunny)
  2. Both girls being at least partially, if not entirely, disrobed. 
One has climbed to the top bunk, the other is yelling about a cow and I am half dead.

2) Should I be worried about Naomi's newest 3-year-old crush? Meaning: she screams excitedly every time she sees him, then begs him to play prince & princess or bride & groom and the kid clearly  has NO idea that she cares in least, which I am very thankful for. Yesterday she informed me that she WAS DEFINITELY going to marry him when she grows up, then I saw her kiss him on the cheek when we were leaving a play date. (Sorry Sarah, James did not notice at all) This seems a bit early for this stuff and every time I've said that to Mike he reminds me that she is my daughter.

3) I have hit the point post partum when my body is done dropping weight on its own and I have to (the dreaded word) DIET. This is thoroughly depressing for me. Today is day one, always the very worst day of the diet. If you need me you will find me balled up in a corner of the house weeping over my baby carrots.

4) I have always done well with the weight watchers program, so I am going to stick with that. Just typing about it makes me hungry.

5) I've had more food craving/aversions while nursing this time around than ever before. I have actually gagged on certain things trying to make myself eat them- this is going to make dieting difficult since the only things that do sound good are tortilla chips, beer and reese's cups.

6) Middle child Bernadette is sick with a little cold, which means I will basically do anything she asks me to do (except giver her the recently weaned from bottle back, I have won that battle for now). I am kind of enslaved to worry over whether she is going to have middle child issues from feeling over-looked, and combined with her stuffed-up-cute-little-cold-voice: I am done for.
Looking how she feels? Or is this how she smiles any time you ask her to? More likely the ladder.
7) Baby crying, all done.

Go to Jen for some that won't bore you to tears.


  1. Weight Watchers: I have always wanted to give it a try post-party-um. I might have to do it this time around. Does it require I exercise...I don't think I can manage that...

  2. But what if tortilla chips, beer and Reese's cups was all we ate? That would work, right? Right? I'm on the coffee, nutri-grain bar, licorice diet ...progress is slow.

  3. I've done weight watchers for my last 3 pregnancies. Very effective. But very hard. Right there with you on the Reese's.......!

  4. Haha I love that Naomi has a be fair, my first crush was at three and named my beloved bear after a kid on Barney. Also, in preschool, I was engaged to twins. And I turned out alright, so never fear Mama :)