Saturday, November 17, 2012

7 quick takes... Saturday?

After all the emails that have been coming in from readers (as if) wondering where I was yesterday for quick takes, I figured that I should post some Saturday quick takes-- for the fans. So here you go:

1) I didn't post yesterday because Mike's been getting up with the girls in the a.m. It just so happens that, while Lucy has a super sweet disposition, she is an absolutely horrendous sleeper. Not because she is awake at night. No, she does sleep: but ONLY on the condition that I sleep right next to her and listen to her grunt all. night. long.

2) What do you mean by "grunt", you asked? You didn't? Well I will tell you. She will fall asleep, sleep for 10-30 minutes peacefully and then make the loudest, most animal-like sounds I have ever heard until she passes some gas then she will sleep for another 30ish minute stint. You never knew it was possible for a child to make such noises in her sleep and stay asleep, but really she only stays asleep if I am right there. So.... I will stop.

3) So why did Mike getting up with the girls mean I didn't post my quick takes? Well, this morning I let him sleep and it is now 7:53 a.m. and I am already on #3. Also, I woke up late yesterday and got a message from a friend that she and others were meeting in 1 hour for a museum play date and I was not about it miss that. So I got all 4 of us ready and out the door in under an hour (no medals have been awarded. yet.) 

At the museum canoeing
 4) Then after another stellar nap time, we loaded up to head to the park because it was so nice out and I was not going to miss that either. 
on her second outing of the day.
5) How is this only 5?

6) Every time I try to lose weight, something stands in my way. After I had Bernadette it was the fact that I coped with post-pregnancy hormones and being stuck in the house all day with baking copious amounts of pumpkin rolls, cookies and pumpkin muffins. Then I ate them all. Now it is this stuff:

 Yes, it says what you think it says.
Every time I open it I have to resist the urge to spoon in right out of the container and eat it all. It takes a lot to spread on the not-nearly-as-awesome english muffin.

7) Bernadette has been spending more and more time having long conversations with Lucy, reading her book after book, and gifting her with every toy she can find. It's really sweet, except when she almost crushes her with all her body weight during a overly affectionate hug.

Here she is showing Lucy her newly painted toe nails:

Have you ever seen such an enthralled baby?

I hope you are all satisfied, I know I am.

I'm sure you've already been over to Jen's to see the others. Go again. 


  1. Ana, I don't want to destroy your sense of peace and well-being, but have you considered cutting out dairy? (I'll pause so you can silently punch me through the computer)

    It's just that JP was the same way with the wounded, rabid badger noises and epic farts ... but he much improved (and slept better!) when I cut out the white stuff.

    Sorry, hate me now or later. xo

  2. Two fun outings in one day? With three little ones? You're my hero. Throwing medals your way.

  3. Also throwing medals your way ~ and thinking that if you are managing to be that active a little cinnamon & brown sugar butter is in order. Glad Bernadette is settling happily into her new role as big sister!

  4. I'm with Jenny on the dairy elimination. Midwife & Pediatrician recommended for our kiddos and they then slept peacefully. Extra work- but worth it for the sanity of the household!

  5. Unfortunately, ladies, I have already been on top of the dairy elimination. I've always cut that out for the other girls since I know it's typically a hard thing for babies to digest, but this I think is just good old fashioned normal baby stuff and I am happy to cope with extra coffee (w/ dairy-free creamer) for these first precious few months-- they will certainly fly by.

  6. Additional medals from camp Borobia! Throwing them at you! Gently so as not to injure!

  7. I am so glad Ellen was not the only insanely loud infant. We called her the triple pooper. She would grunt like mad, then poop three times in a row with just enough time in between that we would foolishly change her diaper.