Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years Eve

After a long trip full of holding pacifiers in baby's mouth, blocking out blinding sunlight, and toddlers trying to get comfortable enough to sleep for 20 whole minutes, we are home.

all star driver; all star pacifier holder+genius sun-blocking contraption
this did not last long

Coming back home after having plentiful help from family is like getting kicked in the gut when you aren't expecting it. But in this case I was expecting it and knew it was going to be awful.
  • No more sleeping in while Mike's mom enjoys the still-dark-out early morning hours with the girls, no more no-grocery-shopping-because other people-are-cooking-for-you, 
  • no more sitting-and-nursing-while-uncles-help-the-toddlers-expend-all-their-pent-up-energy, 
  • no more days full of other same-aged-people around to talk to and 
  • no more grandmothers offering to change the baby's and toddler's nasty diapers-- they are both saintly ladies. 

It's all done and real life resumes complete with a massive grocery trip in the freeeeeeezing cold with all 4 of us, because I am a maker a really good decisions.
Front to back: Lucy's head in carrier, Naomi on bench, Bernadette in cart
Yes, that is the longest grocery cart you have ever seen, and it's a B to steer.

It really was not so bad and I was counting my blessings when I saw a mom in front of me in the milk isle try to keep her writhing, tantruming toddler from tearing down all the items from all the shelves- could have and should have been me but oh-so-luckily wasn't.

That's when I offered the girls an extra-special treat for how good they were being.

Note-to-self: "push pops" are quite possibly the worst thing to give to toddlers in the car. Or ever.
You might as well just hand them a squeeze bottle of sticky syrup to drink and spill all over themselves.
 I was able to pry the candy gold from their hands upon arriving home and I am currently hiding them and hoping against all hope that their little minds will forever forget that they ever tasted the sweet push pop goodness. Never gonna happen.

If I made resolutions, #1 would be to get off my behind and go unpack. But I don't.
Happy new year!!


  1. Oh my goodness, ins't the return to grandmother-less reality the worst? I'm totally wallowing in gingersnaps and melancholy today.

  2. ahhhhhhh trip hangovers are the WORST followed closely by taking kids out in the cold.

    hate and hate.

    but I love this post.

  3. The sun-blocking thing cracked me up because Jordan screams like she's being stabbed if the sun even barely peeks through the carseat cover. I have tried so many things to remedy it to no avail, so I just need to buckle down and get one of those sticky-mat-window-blocker things.

  4. I'm no grandmother but if you could use any help feel free to phone me! We went ahead and did all if our returns and the rest of the week (excepting Saturday) is pretty open.

  5. You totally deserve an award of some kind for surviving a grocery trip with all three! Chocolate maybe? Sounds like you had a wonderful trip!

  6. 1. that is a great view of your new glasses, and they are very pretty
    2. that is a great shot of all three girls, starting with the little baby head in the foreground
    3. I often rinse lollipops in hot water to shorten their life spans. I am no fun at all.

    Happy New Year, Ana!

  7. I always feel I need a 1-2 day vacation after vacations.... I will add push pops to my "never ever.... but pry will anyways bc I'm an idiot" list :-)

  8. The post-vacation term Re-Entry is oft used in our house, usually through tears or screams or gritted teeth (as in, 'Joe, you had better leave work and drive home at 100 mph because I am not going to survive this Re-Entry day!')

    Hope you get settled back in quickly. Happy new year!