Wednesday, January 2, 2013

12 photos (and posts) link-up

I was going to do another post on how things are super hard right now and complain a bunch about how Bernadette is a teething beast and Naomi thinks she owns my soul and how we keep on dropping eggs everywhere, including the carpeted play room. But then Mike reminded me this morning that we are super lucky that none of us have gotten sick with anything more than a little cold so far and I figured that instead of a long complainy post, I would count my blessings and not.

So I have decided to join Dwija's link up instead and look at this year through photos and blog posts (technically you don't have to include blog posts, but Cari did, so I am too). That's always a good way to remind yourself that you have it real good, I think.

Plus I am a sucker for link-ups.

And I love photos with text on them.

OK. Here it is, 2012 in photos:
When I had time to sew and was skinny
Trying to count my blessings
And we find out we're expecting a new one
Sister visits are the best
It's a girl!!!
We get away ALONE (almost)
She starts to talk like crazy
I find a tiny bit of time to sew

They become BFFs and Naomi says ridiculous things

Lucy is born!
Best Thanksgiving ever
And a happy, happy Saint Nicholas day!
 Alright, sorry for the pixelated photos, hit up Dwija and everybody else for more pictures and the chance to add your own!!


  1. Man, I can't believe how fast babies come...why is mine taking so long?? Also, you look like you had a year full of family, which is the best kind of year!

    1. Seriously, that's what I keep saying...I'm looking at these year in reviews and it's all like oh here's an ultrasound pic...then bam, baby. Why can't it go that fast when you're pregnant!!

  2. Beautiful year for a beautiful mama. Let's make 2013 the year we meet in person, okay???

  3. Great pics! I love the June pic of you and Mike. Gorgeous!

  4. Great pics! So glad I discover your blog in 2012!!

  5. This was awesome to see your year...I think you look beautiful, Ana...whether you have time to sew or not :).