Friday, December 14, 2012

The takes that took all day to write

Joining Jen the super star and her cronies for some Friday takes. With the time it took to write them you would really think they would be better, I guess that's par for the course over here. Enjoy.

1) Tiny baby Lucy turns 2 enormous months tomorrow. I will not bore you with her health stats, suffice it to say she has let herself go.
At birth and today in the kitchen. Time flies... that's not funny.
2) And to update those of you who were sweating puddles worrying about our nap time conundrum that I went on about for at least half of the quick takes last week: turns out if I just tell Naomi that she doesn't need to sleep and give her some books and light in her room, she will actually go to sleep for muuuuuch longer with noooooo fight at all. Makes no sense at all, but then again that has been the theme of her life.

3) My little sister got engaged last night. She is the 7th of 8 kids to get married, the 5th of 6 girls. And then my mom can breath again.
Here is the hap hap happy couple:
Celebrate the love
 4) Now my littlest sis and bestie of the newly engaged sister is the only lady left to get hitched or head off to the convent. She and Christina (sis above) were previously affectionately called the "spinster sisters" by themselves and all other members of my family, so now my youngest sister, Mary, keeps on posting pictures with the hash tag #foreveralone. Which is ridiculous because she is a babe:
She is the one in the pink, and that's my dad in the middle, in case you were confused
5) We will be taking off to visit the Ville next week and I will be lucky enough to get to spend some time with some of mine and Mike's family. While the thought of the car ride makes me a little nauseous with anxiety, the prospect of time with a lot of the greatest peeps I know as well as some much welcome help from mothers and sisters and such fills my heart to the brim. The BRIM, I tell you!

6) Bernadette's hair is its own breed of special these days and while I feel like maybe I should do something with it, I probably won't and probably will continue to refer to her as Harry from Dumb and Dumber:
some day Bernadette, some day
7) I should probably stop pretending that I don't have kids.


  1. Yay you posted! It will be so good for me when baby gets here so I can stop with my creepy blog stalking! CONGRATS on Chistina's engagement!!!

  2. I snorted at #6. Uncanny. I just hope her toenails don't resemble his as well...