Sunday, December 16, 2012


I just realized last night that WIWS is cramping my "wear the same 3 outfits to Church on rotation" style, but I won't stop trying to find new outfits so I can link up. Won't stop... can't stop.

Seriously though, it is good for my creativity bone which was previously suffering from somewhat of a compound fracture due to the "pregnancy clothes are starting to make me nauseous to look at" syndrome. Why you would have a compound fracture as a result of a syndrome I don't know... what the heck am I talking about? I don't know. It is early...

Here you go, the most random outfit on earth:

I decided to take a little Saturday afternoon trip out with only Lucy to go to the store and make a pit stop at Payless Shoes to pick up a new pair of dressy blacks, pictured above.

I love it when people tell me I have my "hands full" when I am carrying only one baby through a store. Then there was the lady at the store yesterday who was expressing her pity that no one came to the store with me to help me shop since I had ONE whole BABY with me. I proceeded to tell her that this was actually a treat because my husband stayed home with the other two kids, to which she responded with a offended looking glare. Just in case I was wondering why I don't respond to people when they comment on me having "my hands full," it was a good reminder,

I don't even know what is going on:
Sweater: very ancient Target
Shirt: Old to the Navy
Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft (I think- super old)
Tights: Gabriel Brothers, representin the Ohio Valley
Shoes: Payless Shoes
Necklace: Target

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  1. Love it all. The detailing on the skirt is so pretty, and I love the black tights w/ the shoes. I can relate w/ the same outfit rotation business, and cannot help feeling envious of your ability to wear non-maternity!

  2. Same here with re-wearing. I have a reasonably large wardrobe, but I just want to wear my favorites all the time. Today was my first Sunday to re-wear, and I have a bit of an excuse right now--I'm on vacation.
    Cute outfit, by the way :D

  3. I love that skirt. And I am totally doing the same thing with trying to think of new outfits out of my closet.

  4. Oh how I miss Gabe's! You look darling!

  5. I request a full on shot of the shoes.

    because I have one pair of pants that sort of fits I'm big into the footwear lately --

    but I love your outfit.

    I predict I'll start posting WIWS maybe again in June post-babe.


    oh my goodness. someone asked if I "was having another set of twins" the other day.

    I was in a terrible mood (shocker) and didn't respond. Really great model for the "big" family movement -- grace.

  6. Great outfit!
    Yay outing! Boo, rude people!

  7. "Nauseous to look at..." I so think not! You are so lovely, and that necklace is gorgeous!

  8. I get the "You have your hands full" comment alot and I just have two. LOL. But as of your outfit, I don't know. To me, it looks totally "intentional" and not random and it looks good! The detailing and pleating of the skirt are great. Cant' stop, won't stop, don't stop, Ana! ;-)

  9. I think you should be in charge of going through my wardrobe and deciding what I can keep and what has to go. Then we can go shopping and you can show me how I should actually dress because 1) I have no clue and 2) You always look awesome!

  10. The waistband on that skirt is gorgeous!!

  11. along with everyone else, I'm in love with the detail on your skirt! Love it paired with the black too. I'm still trying to come up with the best response to "wow, you sure have your hands full" comment...maybe we need a separate link up for that ;)

  12. Love the waist on that skirt. And so hilarious on the "hands full" comment.....I generally respond with the pat "Ah, somedays...." answer, but my head is FULL O' me. Looking good mama, even without your hands full!

  13. Great outfit! What is up with that "hands full" comment. When I have to get out with my three little ones (not very often if I can help it) and I get that comment..I make sure and tell them "yup and the oldest is at school" that really makes their heads spin!

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  15. Oh em gee. I think we need to come up with a post with all sorts of canned responses moms can give to people who are much too eager to give their opinions about number of progeny. That would be great.

    Also, I totally understand the three outfit rotation problem. But, I love a little style challenge. Apparently you do too, because you're looking gooood.