Tuesday, January 15, 2013

itty bitty victories

I am pretty sure that there has not been a day since Lucy's birth I have not put some television character or another to work watching the minions to help me get through the day. I especially rely heavily on a solid 30 minutes of help each morning while I get ready for the day. However, as helpful as Benjamin Bunny and Cinderella are, I would really like to at least feel like I have it in me to do an entire day all by myself.

DO NOT GET ME WRONG, I am NOT trying eradicate TV from our home-never! I know that balance and moderation are key, I would just like to accomplish the goal of getting through one whole day without it.

So I set out to achieve this little goal yesterday. I did it right by getting up before the girls cow woke up, downing my coffee and flailing about a bit to the tune of Jill the Pill (an enormous victory). After the awoke, I managed to jump in the shower and dress my self while they did something to entertain themselves, I am sure it was destructive and we plowed through the rest of the day with productivity on our minds, and by "our" I mean, "my".

The real killer of this plan was my second born.
Because when one kid is having a good day, the other contrives to make sure that the day does not go too well by doing whatever way they need to do.

So the entirety of the day saw Bernadette SCREAMING every time she did or didn't get her way. It didn't really matter. She had no idea what it was that she even wanted, so giving her what she wanted never worked. As soon as you gave her what she said she wanted, she no longer wanted that, but something else.

The one thing that she was sure that she wanted all day was for me to "hold you?!?!?!"

other favorite place to be, second only to my arms

Now I am very used to this happening about every other day, alternating with Naomi's "I am going to throw the craziest tantrums you've ever seen all day" days.

But what Bernadette didn't realize is that she was cramping my unwavering determination to not resort to the television NO MATTER WHAT. She should know better not to mess with me when I have a plan such as this! Nope, wrong. I should know better to not have a plan such as this when she has decided to act this way all day.

So she broke me.

I made it all the way to 5:30 P.M. at which point the said difficult child sweetly asked me if we could "please watch The Day the Sun Danced"? How could I say no to such a nice request to watch a short movie about Fatima and give mommy a 30 minute "break" clean the bathroom sans 2-year-old biting at my heals.

Of course when I went to put the video on she no longer wanted to watch that one but the one about St. Nicholas- whatever, my plans were already ruined.

That's what I get for stubbornly refusing television for the sake of some personal, probably prideful, goal. And while you would think that I learned my lesson, it's 10:30 a.m. and thus far they haven't looked at a glowing screen.

I will make......it.............through......................this................................................day................................................without.......................................TV.


  1. Don't fight it! TV makes the best babysitter so Mom can cook/clean/shower. We just limit it to 30 minutes a day. It's all about balance, not complete deprivation :)

    1. That's right - DON'T FIGHT IT!!! TV gets such a bad reputation, but Clare learned all her letters before she was 2 watching "Super Why" every day while I was on bedrest during my last trimester :) (Ummm and we totally didn't limit to 30 minutes a day... :)

  2. I totally feel you on this one. I've felt the need to get lots of stuff done and have resorted to turning Sesame Street on for him many days in a row. Now Joseph asks for "TB?" or "Melmo?" whenever he wants me to turn the TV on and he gets upset if I say no. I'm reaping my own seeds on this one, but am in the same sort of "we need to cut back on the glow" mode even if it means I get less done around the house.

  3. We are on cut back tv mode over here too. It's killing me. We live in such a teeensy apt. and Ellen gets into everything that we have nowhere else to put. It makes me doing anything a nightmare. Is my life a nightmare? Ok, that's dramatic.

  4. I only have 1 kiddo so far, and I use TV pretty much every day to get things done. Every now and then I enforce a similar fast upon myself and my kiddo, and it is a good reminder that we CAN get through the day without TV. And it usually means he plays with toys that often go neglected. But all that said, I don't really feel too terrible about using the TV because it helps keep me sane (important), and I know my son has learned things from the TV. It is not all brain-decaying - while too much is harmful it can also be educational.

  5. I'm in the same boat as you. Only, I only have 2 minions right now. Why is it so hard to make it through a day without television? And why is it so easy to let them watch just one more show, which in our house, turns into 3.5 hours...no parent of the year award will be showing up here anytime soon.

  6. I would literally never bathe if it weren't for the television. Okay, that's not true. I would bathe and my older children would not get their work done and would feel like real, live Cinderella's and I already feel guilty and I haven't even done it yet! *breathe* So. T.V. on, mama in shower. Happy. No guilt. Yay :)

  7. You are a million times better than I am! Some days 3 episodes of Sesame Street have been played before 9am. Yikes. And if I ask Evie if she wants to watch an episode (acting all generous of course) she gets excited- honestly who's kidding who here?

  8. Validation! At least you're putting on lives of the saints instead of like, Spongebob... Looks like I need to get me some new DVDs - we stick with Netflix streaming which is awesome, but I KNOW my 3-year-old would love something religious-themed. I always try to wait as long as possible before resorting to TV, but that 4:30-5:30 time when we're waiting for Dad to come home is usually when I snap!