Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mike Check

"Who took that picture? Are we being surveilled?"

Mike mentioned that his back was hurting, I said I was sorry to hear it and he replied:
"I'm pretty sure it is a type of pain that comes from too much child care."

After laughing at him over how excited he was over his new Steelers DVD, Mike said:
"I'd rather feel excited and pathetic than bored and snobby, which is how I normally feel"

Upon opening said DVD, Mike held it and said:
"Now I have 4 children. I will call you, 'Steelers'"

In response to me telling him excitedly that I have 99 followers to my blog, Mike said:
"I should stop following."

After I asked him to get me a glass of water while I was nursing, Mike said:
"What about me, huh? How can I serve Mike? I think more people should ask themselves that."

 I asked Mike to go get a fussing Lucy and he replied:
"I don't think she is waking up, I've asked the girls to say "daddy" twice if they need something. I feel sure Lucy was in the room when I said it"

Commenting on the indigestion that followed his holiday-leftovers snacking, Mike said:
"You'd think after eating lots of salami, chips, cookies, candy, and cheese, I would be feeling better..."

Responding to my laughter at beating him in a card game, Mike said:
"We'll see who's laughing when I steal all the stickers to your NFP charts."

While Mike was holding Lucy he asked whether her head was bobbling on accident or on purpose. After I informed him it was not intentional and was just due to her lack of head control he said:
"Oh good. For a moment I was worried that she was making fun of Michael J. Fox, and we can't have that."


  1. They were all good, but the last one had me actually laughing out loud. Thanks for the afternoon entertainment, Mike!

  2. I feel sure Lucy is promising to be your sassiest daughter yet. Also, salami never ends well. Not ever. Hahahah.

  3. NFP stickers! Best weapon they have!

  4. "I'm sure she was in the room" Excellent!

  5. NFP stickers? What are those? jk jk we are so lazy with that...

  6. The last two were definitely my favorites!

  7. hahahahahahaha! Oh, thank you for this.

  8. ahahahahahaha NFP stickers is my fav, so funny!!!

    And look!!! You're up to 102 followers!!!!! Wahooo!!

    1. 101... :(
      always sad when that happens...

  9. Your NFP chart has stickers??? It has clearly been too long since I last charted...

  10. Ha ha Hahns! I love when people blog about funny things their husbands say :) I seriously need to start writing Chris' funny/head scratching lines.

    P.S. sorry for the influx of comments! Catching up on your blog!

  11. Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaahp! I am laughing so hard surely a child will awaken and it will be aaaaaaaaaaall Miiiiiiiiiike's faaaaaaaaaaault! Especially that 2nd one. Glorious.

  12. Lol, these are so funny. I had to read them to my hubby, who went to Steubie same time as your Mike.