Friday, January 11, 2013

The quick ones

Joining the amazing Jen for another round of the quick ones.

1) Some seriously exciting stuff is going on these days around these parts, not the least of which is Lucy's newest trick of staring at her hands and feet.

I know, you can go ahead and catch your breath.
Do I ever take her out of her bouncy seat, you asked? When she asks me to.

2. Almost immediately after doing a special tribute to Bernadette's toddler hilarity the other day, she started throwing up. I am pretty sure that there was a direct correlation there. Kidding, but seriously, stomach bugs really are the worst, luckily this one was packed nicely into a neat 5 hours of vomit and then it was done. Painful but quick.

3. Also after that post all about our second born and how funny she is, she finally performed for a video. And by "performed" I mean she was completely herself for whole video. If you have almost 2 minutes to throw away, here you go:
What? Sometimes we hang out in the bathroom.

4. I have come down recently with a serious case of bangs. It is a self-inflicted affliction, but no less serious. I do not really know what my problem is since after I cut them the first time I said that I would not do it again because I did not like them. But then I think I got bored and just went for it a second time. I will be staring in the next episode of Stay at Home Moms Gone Wild, me and my bangs.
Luckily the enormous glasses and bug eyes take the attention away from the forehead hair.

5. I have already mentioned Grace's birth story link-up, and today I read what I thought was one of the coolest birth stories so far by Jamie, whose blog I love. Go and read. (and sorry if I made made anyone nauseous with yesterday's birth-related post, should have put more disclaimers, I think)

6. I have recently discovered how wonderful audio books are for the SAHM. I finished 1/4 of "The Great Gatsby" while cleaning the house the other day. Because there is no better reason to read (or listen to) a book than to have it read before you watch the movie.

7. I have used Quick Takes before to whine about annoying comments from people about having "lots" of kids.You would think that I am Maria von Trapp with the way people look at me these days for having THREE. WHOLE. KIDS!! I have got to get some thicker skin because I come home from the store either mad or almost in tears waaaaaaay toooooooo much. I'll learn someday.

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  1. I have butchered my bangs soooooooo many times, but I ran across a video a short while ago about how to do it and it's actually proven rather successful. I'm trying to find it now but am not having luck so I'll share it with you once I do.

  2. Your bangs look awesome! Bangin' even :)

  3. I love the way Lucy is looking at you in that photo. She is precious!

    Sorry about the stomach bug, I'm glad it was short-lived. Hope everyone else stays healthy!

  4. Ok, bangs are bangin'. Also I CANNOT WAIT for GG to come out. I love the bok, love the old movie. I feel triple love coming on. Finally, I am going to start thinking of clever retorts for people when we start having more. We're on #2 right now and people have already asked if we're done. Well, if I suddenly lose my fertility, then yes, we're done...

  5. Lucy is so Presh! I can't wait until MM starts staring at her feet, and I'm going to outta my mind with the cuteness that sucking on her feet will bring!

  6. That isn't the clearest photo, but from the looks of it, the bangs look AWESOME. Specially with the glasses. I wish I could rock a fringe like that.

    P.S. Now go listen to the song "Bangs" by They Might be Giants. Such a good song.

  7. Don't stress about the mean people! One time, my friend with 4 kids had someone say "Wow, you must really LOVE kids". She came back with a straight face and said, "No, not really. I just REALLY love my husband....!" I SO wanted someone to give me that opening, but no dice. Maybe you can use it....!! Lucy is gorgeous!

  8. Hahahahahahaha Jessie!!!

    Oh my goodness Ana I'm so behind on everything internet related right now but I knew something was up when I logged in to do my quick takes and saw approximately a billion more page views than normal and a comment that said someone was "here from Ana's..." Thanks for the link!!! :)

    And I LOOOOOVE your bangs!! They look totally awesome!!

  9. When when when did Lucy grow up?? She is a doll!
    Yes, stomach bugs are the worst. For. Realsies.

  10. I really like your bangs!! And your little girl is too adorable :)

    1. Oh, and I am freshly off my OB rotation and thoroughly enjoyed your tips on natural induction methods, saving it for potential future use ;)