Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What to do when you can't take your child seriously

Almost every thing that Bernadette does and says makes me laugh, with the definite exception of her tantrums, those do not. As funny as Naomi is, I do not remember ever needing to fight back laughter as much as I do with Bernadette, particularly during times where she is trying really hard to be serious, or she's just being straight up bad.
favorite outfit?

Perhaps it's her Jeff Daniels from Dumb and Dumber-esque hairdo, or her funny sounding voice combined with the various ridiculous things that come out of her mouth.

Like this morning I walked in the room trying to be stern and tell them to be good and stay in until their appointed wake-up time and she jumped up in her crib, totally serious and said:

"Wait, mom, I have to tell you something! When Nomi woke up and then daddy came in and he didn't come in and then I didn't get a sank (spank) and then Nomi died."

Or when she is walking around, in her own-very special world- then looks at me and yells (pretend angrily) "It's just that you don't understand!!". This one happens a lot.
most certainly NOT really reading; saying something SUPER serious

Then there was this morning when I was asking her to please finish her bagel and she looked at me and said (again, pretending to be angry) "No, I'll not finish my bagel and sleep in Nomi's bed and the seeeeek (???)" and went on eating her bagel.

I am pretty sure she replied to something I said today with "That's not the worst thing, Mom!!"

And she often creeps in the room slowly and whispers that "the monster's coming", which I should probably take seriously, but I mostly just laugh.
scary monster face, what else?

I am aware that no one else thinks she is as funny as I do, which probably has more to do with everyone else's sense of humor- or lack thereof- than the fact that I'm her mom. Wait I think I should reverse that statement, too late.

But therein lies the problem. I am the one who is supposed to be laying down some sort of law with her and, while I am trying my hardest, she could help a little by not being so humorous all the time.
I'll leave you with the phrase Bernadette uses to end most things she is doing:
"I'm super done".


  1. I wouldn't be able to keep a straight face either! Maggie always says "Ahhhhh, Mom, you just don't get it!" like she's a teenager already.

  2. My aunt was the same way with my cousin when she was little. She would have to leave the room when she was punishing her to keep from laughing because she was so funny when she was naughty. My cousin always kept a little of that funny, naughty streak, but she is a successful graduate of West Point, a great army officer, married to a terrific guy, and just an all around, confident, wonderful person. It's good that she's sure of herself, and sure of your love!

  3. Seconds are the best... and thirds can be the ones with the hairy chest...

    It's hard to discipline the funny ones...

  4. My DD is almost 14 and she has been funny since very little too. She makes me laugh daily and it is the best. Love those pictures.

  5. Maybe she is hard to take seriously, but she is seriously adorable!

    And I'm trying out the new cool phrase "super done" tomorrow.

  6. I have two girls of very similar identical 3rd yet, but I feel the same way about my second oldest daughter is very funny but man the silliness of the almost 3 year old kills me

  7. hahaha I think it's because with the first one you are like "oh my gosh...she's going to end up a juvenile delinquent" and then by the second you're all like "really?? is that all ya got for me??"