Sunday, January 27, 2013

WIWS, dress-down day

Sometimes I look at the girls and wonder if I shouldn't stop dressing them in such weird stuff.
I think throughout the 4 years since having Naomi we've been given easily 4500 bags of hand-me-downs, thrift store finds, consignment store items and the like and I have kept them all. It is only within the last month that I have decided to start giving some of their stuff away, but that consisted of one teeeeeny tiny bag of some really redic stuff.

Yesterday as we got ready to head out to a Saturday vigil Mass, Naomi was dressed in her nicest psycho monkey shirt, and Lucy was donning some lacy collared jumpsuit from the 80s, and Bernadette's outfit was not that bad, but her hair made up for that. I just had to let all my dreams of having 3 clean, well groomed and cutely dressed girls go out the window. I would have settled for 3 clean girls.

Of course it was on this occasion that they wanted to pose for some pictures, which I will never say no to:

I did have Naomi change her shirt before Mass so as to not terrify any old ladies not expecting the monkey:
I didn't fix Bernadette's hair:
I love when I get to wear jeans to Mass, because I'm a bad person.
For some reason non-dressy attire is acceptable unto us for vigil Masses.

Mediocre outfit, as usual.
Grainy picture, as usual.
Decent to bad Mass behavior from the girls, as usual.
I prefer to keep expectations always at their lowest.

Shirt/dress and earrings: La Target
Jeggings: Gabes
Boots: Macys

Today's insanely early blog post brought to you by the house 3-month-old kicking mother out of her own bed circa 6 a.m.
wiws morning

I hope your Sunday is mildly enjoyable.
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  1. Oh my goodness...the fact that it's totally acceptable to dress down for the Vigil Mass is so true! I love that that's true no matter where you live!

    So jealous that your 3 month old has SUCH a gorgeous head of hair! For the record, my girl is about Bernadette's age and she totally refuses getting her hair done! Her hair is longer and without those cute tighter curls your girl has, though, so we do need to hold her down to comb it occasionally (while she screams like she's dying). Haha...

  2. I seriously love you and your blog. First off, you look adorable and I kinda want to steal your outfit. Secondly, if you saw what my kids wear on a daily basis, you'd realize the Naomi's monkey shirt is high fashion.

    1. ha! there is nary a piece of clothing that she wears more than that shirt, i cannot wait for her to grow out of it, that monkey scares the crap out of me.

      and the blog-love feeling is totally mutual!!

    2. Problem is that as soon as she grows out of it, there are two more girls to wear it!

  3. Oh yeah. Jeans always work for a vigil. I always think, "Maybe people will think I am super busy with my fabulous life, and that it is very noble and Catholic of me to make Church a priority even if I have to come in my jeans." Reality: I love jeans.

  4. This may sound strange, but I mean it in the most complimentary of ways. The shape of your glasses works so well with the shape of your face! I think you look fabulous in these glasses! I've thought it before, but this time I was unable to restrain myself from commenting(:

  5. you're too hot to have 3 kids.

  6. Jeggings don't *really* count as jeans, plus with boots & a sweater, you're hardly dressing down for the vigil. And you're wearing real earrings, which makes it look all the dressier!

  7. I love getting hand me downs, but you are right. Some times it just borders on absolutely ridiculous!

  8. I feel the same way about jeans and vigil mass. You look totally dressed up though! Love the sweater dress.

  9. I love the shirt/dress from Target. I have been looking for something like that for a while because I have leggings and boots boot I just can't seem to find anything! Must continue the search!

  10. Love the neck on that shirt/dress! Plus with the brown boots? You look so stylish!

  11. I feel the same way about jeans at vigil Mass vs. Sunday Mass. Not sure why, but it seems more okay then.

    Love your whole outfit, btw. You look great and your girls are cute as always. :)

  12. So...I wear jeans to Mass often. Because we're new at it and I have literally one pair of non-jeans to my name. I have a few maternity summer dresses I can wear when I get bigger and the weather gets warmer. But I guess I'll have to be a sinner for a while yet!

  13. I love the outfit! I can't do horizontal stripes so rock 'em if you can sista...and you CAN!!

  14. So not mediocre I would wear that any day perfect for looking good while chasing kids!

  15. Booooo, jeans! Hiss and snarl!

    Lol, I'm not a Mass-in-jeans girl, but I am DEFINITELY a go-to-Mass girl, so I'll never (seriously) harass you about jeans ;-) And I can ALWAYS get behind a striped sweater. Schweet!

  16. Beautiful family, and I love the title of your blog! :) Time really does fly...!

  17. I agree, it's best to keep expectations low! Love the outfit. Stripes and boots are a good combo!

  18. In my land-o-boys, we allow jeans for the vigil Mass and Sunday night Teen Mass. Although some of mine will choose khakis anyway. I always require a collared shirt, and we allow casual shoes at those times, but I generally draw the line at flip flops or crocs. Unless we're on vacay or at the beach, and then the circumstances determine the attire. My saving grace is that boys (unlike girls) are pretty basic. Khakis or khaki shorts. Golf shirt. Shoes. Done.