Monday, January 28, 2013

Mama Style Link-Up: Postpartum Edition

When I saw that Anna and others were hosting a "Mama Style Link-Up" I was pretty sure I should not do it, for the obvious reasons: 1) this is not a fashion blog, 2) I am not a fashionable person and am completely out of my league with the other ladies linking up 3) repeat the first 2.
But then I just kept thinking about how much I love Anna's blog and decided to go against my better instincts and do it.

I went to college with Anna. Though we didn't really know each other then, like other blog friends I went to college with and didn't know, I feel a special kinship with anyone that walked up the hill to Egan Hall every day, ate in the caf or worked out at the Finnegan Field House.

Aside from Anna and me having gone to the same university, I really love her blog, as I am sure you all do too. It is enough of a fashion blog that it keeps me from wearing anything that is completely unacceptable-- re: pleated jeans or mock turtle necks-- but she also shares a lot of herself on the blog and often posts fun, doable DIYs. AND, she just announced that she is expecting baby #3, and is the prettiest preggo ever.

So with all that said, I am going to put on my acting pants for a day and pretend that I am a stylish mother who wears clothing that is not laden with spit up and dried food. Along with the link-up you're supposed to share a few items that are go-tos in your closet on a daily basis, so here we go:
1)  Elastic band denim: I found these at Target a while ago and I should probably go and buy a new pair soon because I pretty much wear them every single day. They do a great job of covering the baby-less bump and they actually stay up (!!), which is a seriously miracle in postpartum days. Plus they are suuuuuper comfy, an absolute must since I spend at least half the day down on the floor with children.

2) Blousy shirts: again, so good at hiding the bump-with-no-baby in it and they work from early postpartum days up until the present. The one pictured was a fantastic Target clearance rack find.

3) Colorful cardigans: between the crazy post baby hormone swings and the fact that I am always either carrying the baby or a hauling a toddler around, I need to be able to shed my outer layer should I begin to perspire from the overexertion that is motherhood. And I love adding color to outfits especially during the never ending midwest winter, it just makes me a happier person.

I usually add a scarf if we're leaving the bunker, and I always have a pair of earrings in, generally of the bigger variety since Lucy is not grabbing yet and is still cuddly- meaning a cute necklace could potential wound her perfect little face. I am also really enjoying cropped boots for the winter, so much more comfortable than my usual clunky ones, and they still work in the snow, win win!

Now go check out Anna and all the other true fashionistas, now.



  1. I love that you aren't afraid of color because I am! You look beautiful!

  2. You look great! I just linked up.. but I look pretty pale in comparison to your bright fun colors!

  3. You look amazing! Really. I love all the color.

    I am becoming a scarf girl myself. They can dress up an outfit so easily and make it seem like I made some kind of effort. : )

  4. Hey there! We're color twinsies! I'm wearing a mustard yellow sweater in my mama style post. Great minds think alike! ;)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Ana! New follower here :) xoxo

  5. Um, what? That outfit is so adorable! Like, really, really happy :)

    Also, I've been meaning to ask you: what are some of your favorite Saint movies your girls like? I am starting to feel guilty about the amount of TV Ellen is watching so I thought I would switch it up instead of addressing the real problem ;)

  6. Glad you did the link up; otherwise we wouldn't have seen this outfit. :)

  7. Color!!!!!!!!!!! Fabulous color!!!! Yes. Winter. Midwest. Wear all the bright things.

  8. I love your post and am so happy that you are participating in the mama style link-up! I'm so glad I was introduced to your blog...definitely putting it on my reading list. xx - Isobel (holdenonbaby)

  9. You look fabulous as always! And if you don't believe me, the other day I was visiting your blog on lunch break and my coworkers saw a picture and thought you looked "stunning" and couldn't believe that you had been pregnant within the past year!

  10. Okay, so that outfit is SUPER cute! I'm esp. loving the ruffles on the shirt. And the colors. And the scarf. Okay, so I'm loving the whole thing! Anyway, I'm taking some serious notes about what to wear over here. I've only been a mama for a little over a week and now I'm totally understanding why there is such a thing as "mama style." Here's hoping I can pull my old jeans out of storage and squeeze into them this week so that I can do the linkup too! I'm a total novice but it looks like fun!

  11. That is very similar to my "mom uniform" except you have totally motivated me to pull out the scarves and change up my earrings more often! Of course I have like a million options for both of those but rarely ever remember to spice things up a little before I run to Costco!

  12. Wow how did I get so behind on reading your blog???

    Anyway you look awesome as ALWAYS - when are you going to come over and give me an extreme makeover?? Or you can just nominate me for What Not To Wear, that's fine too.

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