Friday, January 25, 2013

7 QT Kids and Videos

Joining Jen and the rest for some takie takes.
I know I devoted a whole post the other day to the girls and the things that come out of their mouths, so I will only use a take or 2 for them.

1) I have mentioned in many a post that we frequently watch DVDs about the saints, a little tactic that makes me feel a tad less guilty for the amount of screen time they get. All of the shows are a little over dramatic and often depict children praying in an overwrought way, which has resulted in the girls falling to their knees at various points throughout the day to BEG the Lord for something. Last night as I was reading a bed time story, Bernadette (just 2 years old) jumped off my lap, fell to her knees and said: "Deaw Jedus, pweez don't take my mador away!! Pweez!". Then she jumped up and came back to my lap. At least I know she likes me.
Narrowly avoiding paint ingesting; you should turn the flash on; smile Bernadette; and the Ham of the fam

2) Then there was this conversation in the car yesterday: (immediately following a phone conversation, which Naomi overheard, between me and their very pregnant Aunt, who will be babysitting this evening for me and Mike to go out)
Naomi: Mommy, why is Aunt Hannah going to babysit?
Me: Because daddy and I are going on a date
Naomi: Why?
Me: Because we love each other.
Naomi: OH. I do NOT love my prince. And even if my children have an aunt with a baby boy in her belly who wants to babysit I would not go out on a date with my prince because I do NOT love my prince.
Me: oh, ok
Bernadette: I love my prince, My prince is Aunt Hannah...
Naomi: NO, your prince has to be a boy. Women are only allowed to marry ONE person and it has to be ONE boy!
Always so confusing.

3) Wow, that one was long, I will spare you this one.

4)  On the topic of funny kids, I must share a couple of these videos that Mike has been showing me of dads acting out things that their kids say. I literally couldn't catch my breath while watching some of them last night:

5) And another

6) One of these must be devoted to the glorious fact that for the first portion of the night I now have my half of the bed ALL TO MYSELF. After 3 months of sharing it with an infant and several phone calls to family and desperate emails to friends for some encouragement, we commenced with  "sleep training" a few nights ago (which sounds so much nicer than "cry it out") and Lucy has been a champ and a half. She put herself to sleep with minimal tears last night and we squeezed a solid 6 hours of sleep in her OWN CRIB out of her with only one tiny wake up. It was incredible.

7) Is 3 videos too much for one quick takes? I say no. Here you go.


  1. That NFL video is so stinking funny, it's been very popular around here...perhaps because of that handsome cover boy! "Guys, I found Fido!"

  2. I could only watch half of the NFL video. I was crying too hard to hear the rest. I am going to watch the second half now. And I'm all sweaty from laughing. Phew. Holy. Phew.

  3. Where do you get your saint DVD's and is there a company you recommend? A quick Amazon search was a little sparse...

    Kate - A reader from NH

    1. Here is a link to the CCC site, which are thus far the only saint videos we watch with them, and we really like them. I showed them a St. Perpetua cartoon from a different company and then I saw on the case- after the fact- that it is for 8-yr-olds and up, which would explain the bloody ending. Mother of the year.

    2. No kidding...somehow I never noticed that Woody's favorite line in Toy Story is "YOU IDIOT." My 3 yr. old son hasn't called his sister by her real name in months. The Saints will be a big step UP for us!

  4. I bow down to your bravery in letting the kids use paints. I'm still cowering in the corner, clutching what's left of the crayon stubs.

  5. Hahahaha those videos were hilarious, especially the NFL one. And as always, your girls' conversations crack me up.

  6. Oh my gosh, you've completed my life by sharing those videos. Thank you.

  7. Always so amusing to overhear kids' conversations ...

  8. Oh man I love Bored Shorts on YouTube....Salesman one is my fav!!!

    And kudos for Naomi to grasping the marriage thing. I think Ava has finally accepted that she has to marry a boy, but we're still struggling with the fact that it can not be her father or brother. Difficult stuff to come to terms with, I tell ya...