Friday, February 1, 2013

7 kinds awesome

I saw on Grace and Dwija's blogs a while ago some fun posts giving a run down of their day hour by hour and I will just confess now that I think I liked it a little bit too much and was a wee bit too interested in what their days were like. With that said, I have decided not only to copy the idea but also to link it to quick takes so that even more people have the opportunity to experience my unoriginality first hand. I will however only put you through 7 of the best hours of the day thus far:

1- 1 a.m. (ish) I am awoken by husband telling me to wake him up early and I realize that the baby has still not woken up to eat. I roll over and go back to sleep, glorious glorious sleep.

2- 5 a.m. I hear the baby on the monitor. The baby who went to bed at 8 was JUST waking up to eat and then proceeded to eat and go right back to sleep in her own crib.

3- 7:15 a.m. I hear the bathroom door close because Naomi had gotten up and used the potty all by herself without waking anyone up to let them know she would be going all by herself. I then notice that I had slept through my previously planned 6 a.m. workout wake time, meaning I dodged looking at this first thing in the morning. BUT I woke up with enough time to drink my coffee and read this gem of Jenny's before the minions emerged from their cage. Triple win.

4- 8:30 a.m. I get to "take a shower" (aka wash underarms in sink) and spend a solid 15 minutes straightening my dirty hair while one girl rested quietly in her bed and the other played happily in the play room and the littlest is STILL SLEEPING.

Who are these kids?!?!

5- 9 a.m. The best baby in all the land finally awakens with 17,000 smiles for me. I feed her and dress her.

6- 9:30 a.m. After baby is fed and dressed for the first time she does one of her "fountains of spit up" performances but manages to aim it directly down my shirt, missing any the shirt proper, only touching the un-showered skin and leaving all undergarments untouched as well, I do not know how she did it.
hey now, you're an all-star

7- 10:25- We venture out into arctic snow covered South Bend to meet a friend for a play date, where the girls devoured about 9 gluten free healthy cookies each and I learned that they will actually eat healthy things. The play date was not at all a fail and tons of fun.

I will stop there since this is quick takes and I am not permitted to go over 7 but also because I am sure you are alternating between sleep and excessive gagging from all my excessive boasting.

Just know that we have not had a morning go this swimmingly... ever, never ever. And I do not expect there will ever be another, so for now I will just marinate in it and wait for the land slide that I am sure will come this afternoon.

Now go visit Jen and all the better bloggers who I'm sure will not put you through anything like this. 


  1. Ok, I didn't notice a time where you sat on the couch in your PJs and didn't get up for an hour when you could have been showering or doing something productive. Is that just me? Every morning?

    1. Nope. Me, too. Except I'm at the kitchen table either reading the paper or on the laptop. But totally not productive.

  2. Love that Lucy slept! Sleep is SO unappreciated until you have babies. And don't get any. For year and year and year and years at a time (or so it seems). And then your standards drop REALLY, REALLY low. Until they are all finally older than 5, can tell time on an alarm clock, entertain their own selves when they awake at the crack of dawn and know to NEVER, EVER wake Mommy if there is no "7" at the beginning of the clock. Unless someone is legitimately dying.

  3. Yay for good mornings following restful nights!
    And wonderful funny Quick 7's!!

  4. I am just basking in the glory of being name dropped in the same paragraph as Jillian. And I was mentioned first. Like a boss.

  5. I am so excited for you and your morning of awesomeness!!!!

  6. I am with you! It's fun to see others play by play. Mine would certainly bore all to tears, which would be good considering my blog!

  7. It made me truly happy to know that you have been having such a smooth day! Hope this is merely a glimpse of things to come and not a fluke. Love the picture of you and Lucy!

  8. I read a blog recently that said it's okay to brag about those perfect days because it reminds you that there are perfect days :o)

    So yay for a perfect day!!! Here's to many more of them!

  9. Love love LOVE when babies sleep in - it makes every moment that you're awake so much more meaningful and exciting because every single thing you get done is something you WOULDN'T have gotten done if they were awake. And then you're SO happy when they wake up because you missed them in those 15 waking minutes that they were still asleep!

  10. So great! I hope your afternoon was just as wonderful- you deserve it! :)