Sunday, February 17, 2013


Again I say, "where is my face and why is everything so white?"

One day I will get a camera that doesn't fail at its one and only task, taking pictures. If anyone has any extras laying around feel free to send them my way.

Some with ma'face
This weekend I attended a prayer group (sans the 2 craziest people under the age of 4, oh glorious day) at a very sweet friend's house. When I walked in I complimented said friend on her awesome sweater vest to which she responded, "you can have it!" and then she proceeded to give me the awesome vest, worn above. She must know that official voting is coming up for the "Ana's best friend" award, and right now she is at the top of the polls.

Deetily deets:
Shoeage: Macy's
Tightage: Gabes
Trusty denim skirt: Old Navy baby
Shirts: Gabes
Vest: from my best friend

I was visited by the ghost of Christmas Naomi wide awake for much of the middle of the night last night which made for a truly sacrificial Mass experience on the part of martyr Ana, appropriate for the first Lenten Sunday.

And now I push forward with a cup of the strongest coffee ever made with the crankiest constipated babe there ever was. At least we have the 90s hit "you're a god" to cheer us on.

Happy Sunday!
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  1. You are making me wish I had a Gabes.

    And I hope your sweet baby is feeling better soon.

  2. Oh Gabe's, how I miss you! I definitely made frequent stops when I was at Steubie. Anyways, you look super cute! And I know your camera woes, I've been having trouble with mine and just wish it wasn't so crazy expensive for a decent new one.

    Hope your babe feels better! I have a new understanding of the difficulty of constipated kids now that I'm on my pediatrics rotation.

  3. Super cute as usual!
    Wishing everyone a more restful night.

  4. Cute! And unrelated, but thank you for your post on baby positioning! Thanks to you and your tricks, baby just turned from posterior at 34 weeks. Praying he stays put! :)

  5. Sweater vest = best part. That pattern is faaaabulous.

    Camera: If you have a Canon or a Nikon, they have trade-in royalty programs. Google it. It's super-easy, and you get a huge discount on a refurbed camera.

  6. I absolutely LOVE your sweater vest. LOVE it! Your best friend rocks!! The pattern is so unique and filled with color. Think of all the possibilities for future outfits.

    I hope the day got better and the coffee got stronger!

  7. Oh my gosh. I need some friends like that. Score.

  8. Score on the friend & sweater vest. I think both are keepers!

  9. Ummm introduce me to this friend. JK. Kind of.

    Looking good, as always!

  10. Oh her face!!! So sad yet so cute at the same time!

    And btw, I LOVE those boots!!!