Thursday, February 28, 2013

Link-Up Extension

Anyone else as sick of this picture as me? I thought so.

Whether it is because I really love seeing new emails telling me that someone else added a link to the Valentine's Day Cabin Fever Creativity Link-Up and Giveaway, or whether it's because I have not yet sewn both nifty gifties that the lucky winner will choose from, I've extended that link-up until March 5th.

Even if you're not going to join the linky party, you should at least head over and click through all the links of the incredible talented ladies who have linked-up for a healthy dose of intimidating inspiration.


  1. OH MY GOSH THANK YOU. I was just checking how many hours I had left and am doing a happy dance now.

    Seriously, by the end of this I am going to have a saga to tell. I am super sick and my projects keep failing EPIC-LY. Phew time to lower the bar on my standards me thinks... :)

  2. oh Ana, I would so do this if I was 1) Creative or 2) had any time to make something.

    Reminds me I really need to figure out how to sew and/or find a sewing machine out there.

  3. Great! I have been menaing to link-up and kept forgetting. I will try to do it by the deadline. Thanks!

  4. Thank you for your kindness and mercy, Ana! I was ready to just post my pile of supplies and my intention to make something out of it. Something real cool!

  5. You keep mentioning this and each time I joyfully forget and then you mention it again, AND extend the deadline and now I feel like I have to do something crafty. Be prepared for photos of the most awesome painted rocks or friendship bracelets.