Friday, March 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1)I do not include many deets concerning what it is like to be married to a PhD student, which I realize makes me a fairly fat liar since the little description next to my profile picture says that I am "documenting life as the wife of a PhD student"... blah blah blah. So in order to not have to change my description, here's a small snippet of what a date-night looked like this week with a husband who is about to take comprehensive exams, which he has been studying for 75% of this past year and is in the zone:
Mike had been explaining one of his exam questions to me when all of a sudden he got an insight that he needed to write down RIGHT. NOW. (He was so focused on it, he didn't even realize I was taking a picture of him.) I wasn't familiar with anything of what he was talking about, but that didn't stop him from trying to instruct me about French positivism, Comtean atheism,  Neo-Thomism, and several other -isms (royalism?) that meant absolutely nothing to me.
It was intense, as I am sure the next 2 weeks will continue to be.
Eventually Mike devoured that Reuben, and we spent the rest of the date talking about other, more normal things. And honestly, even with the academic talk, it was so nice to have a quiet meal by ourselves (thanks to free babysitting and a restaurant gift card courtesy of awesome MIL).

2) I have a new nephew!!!!! My little sister-in-law gave birth to her first baby, Leo Gregory, who is also my newest little godson and he is the best. He was 9 pounds 9 ounces which pretty much makes Hannah a champion.
I obviously have the magic touch

3) Here is a little video of Naomi and Bernadette belting out "Our God is an Awesome God" on the way to meet baby Leo. They were pretty excited.

What? We like Rich Mullins.
I think Bernadette's lyrics went something like "Our God is awesome!!!!!!! He reigns!!!!!!!!!" Over and over and over again. Call me cute and cheesy... No really, call me that.

4) Because sometimes nursing babies means dealing with difficulties, and at times, even illnesses associated with nursing, I was fortunate enough to dodge my second of 3 dental appointments to get cavities filled yesterday. Since I would rather be in the throes of an all natural labor than at the dentist, I am not going to say that I wasn't a little bit EXCITED. I mean, I had to reschedule and am only prolonging the inevitable, but I will take nursing problems over gum stabs and incessant tooth drilling any day.

5) On that note, why do dentists talk about getting you set up with a "treatment plan" like it is something awesome? They talk about it like you've won some prize. I don't know about you, but I do not consider upwards of 5 injections into my always-extra-tender gums and then hours of wrenching my jaw to keep it open so that they can basically jackhammer the entirety of the inside of my tooth out a "prize". That's just me though.

6) Enough complaining, let's talk about something wonderful, shall we?

7) February is over!
And that's how I feel about it.

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  1. Ha! The magic touch! 9.9 for the first baby - ouchers!! She is a rockstar for going through that! I can't wait to read her story. ANd I love that picture and description of your date....being married to theology students is a hoot :)

  2. I love your description of being married to a PhD student! I don't think my own husband will ever live down the fact that he was studying his flash cards in the hospital while I was laboring with our second son...who's arrival, in all fairness, did cause his daddy to miss one of his law school finals that year :)

    I kept thinking things would be easier once school was over but now I wish he were back in school and we had that great schedule back complete with Christmas and summer vacations!

  3. Another Rich Mullin fan here too!
    Congrats on the date night, godson and avoiding the dentist!!
    Happy March!

  4. Ha! Loved the snippet of your date night. So funny.

    And congrats Aunt Anna!

  5. ha! No shame- I was belting out that song to the baby the other day. Let's just say I should leave it to Rich Mullins...

  6. Gotta love being married to a PhD student. I personally love the fact that my husband works better at night, so he stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning. Occasionally, he'll go to bed with me and it seems weird.

  7. Oh, we ♥ Rich Mullins! And when we were engaged, my husband-to-be was studying for the bar exam, and for two months, I only got to see him on Thursday nights. And he was preoccupied the whole time.

    And yay for Hannah! She looked absolutely so slim and trim...who would have thought? Welcome, Leo!

  8. Ok just to clarify he was not crying in that photo! He was rooting around because that is all that blessed boy ever does!

    1. CONGRATULATIONS HANNAH!!! And of course he's rooting - the runt needs to put on a few pounds ASAP, right?

      He weighs almost as much as one of my 3.5-month-olds :P

  9. Rich Mullins = awesome. Brings back memories of riding in the car with my Mom and listening to the Christian pop station.

    Also, it annoys me when dentists do that too. I had to get a bridge put in this past summer (2 days before I got married, but whatevs..) and the dentist told me to think about it as if I was treating myself to a nice piece of jewelry. Ha. ha. ha. no. I don't pay $2000 for my jewelry, thanks. Although he was super accommodating considering that I was getting married and moving immediately after, but still that comment killed me.

  10. Ana, you're Satyrday is about to get 105 times better because GUESS WHAT. You won the snowman. Proof:
    Anyway, I need your shipping address now.

    1. I really do know how to spell "Saturday".

    2. I dunno... I really kind of dig the idea of Satyrday. That beats the pants of Caturday (but don't tell my feline companion)!

  11. Best quick takes ever :) seriously - entertained and laughing out loud from top to bottom. And your WIWS takes a close 2nd.

  12. I just found your gem of a blog and love it!

  13. I like this. I have never participated in this link-up. I just discovered your blog via Hallie's Five Favorites, and now here's another thing. Not enough hours in the day, and I'm not even the mother of small children anymore!