Friday, February 22, 2013

My Girls' 7 Favorite Toys: 7QT

In honor of the hormones flying around over here, and of Cynthia and some other great friends adding little girls to their all-male offspring, and because Francine just popped out another girl. And because I myself have birthed three of the female persuasion, I give you:

A list of my girls' 7 (and a half) favorite toys, with pictures to illustrate each one (because you need more pictures).

1) Baby dolls. Seriously, Ana? You had to tell everyone that your little girls like to play with baby dolls? Ok, the first one is a throw away. But you'd be surprised at how many little girls couldn't care less about baby dolls. It took Naomi 3 years before she was even a little interested in hers and even then I think she was only because she saw how much Bernadette loved hers.

1.5) Baby-doll strollers. These puppies have been a huge hit and as long as you can keep your children from climbing into them, they hold up well too. Ours looks like this, but you can find all sorts of posher looking ones on the interwebs.

2) Miniature baby-doll nursing covers. So weird, I know. But it beats the girls constantly stealing my cover and changing the adjustable neck-strap so that, when we're getting our carpets cleaned and the baby is wailing because she hasn't eaten in 33 1/2 minutes and the cover won't go over my head, I have to just go ahead and give the carpet-cleaner guy a show.*** I made a few of them, which I thought about adding to Cabin Fever Link-Up (OPEN TIL THE END OF THE MONTH), but instead you can just see them here.
you didn't know that the Disney princesses breastfeed? they do

3) A real tea set. We have a few tiny tea sets that belong to the girls and stay in their play stuff, but I am talking about an adult one. I found one at a thrift store for under $5 a few years ago and I take it out for supervised tea or hot chocolate parties, which occur almost every single day during the winter, and the girls love it. They transform into random characters, like Mrs. Georgia Phifflefaf and Aunt Fern, when they are drinking out of real china cups and have their own glass plates. It is really fun.

4) Dress-up clothing. If you can't afford the ridiculously priced stuff at the Disney store, just go to a thrift store and get some ruffly dresses, wash them, and put them in a dress up bin. Also hats. Get some hats.
these were dirt cheap right after Halloween, so that's an idea too

5) Kitchen set. Because the woman's place in the kitchen. What? No, because play cooking is fun and keeps them happy for a long time.

6) Princesses and a castle. Whether you've given in and shown your girls every Disney movie you can find in the $1 VHS bin at the thrift store (like some people I know), or whether you are resistant to and hold your ground against all the insane princess propaganda, there may come a day when your girls decide that they love princesses as much as mine do. There are some nice Melissa and Doug princess sets here, or if you give in and shop at the Disney store (or your kids have grandparents that are suckers for that place), these sets are nice too. They're really great because the clothing does not come off, nor do they bear a striking resemblance to pin-up models, like the ones in Target's check out aisle. We have almost all of them and they pair very nicely with the Melissa and Doug castle the girls got from their grandparentals a couple years ago, which I also recommend.
you can also put them into your play microwave!

and they work as cake toppers!

7) Non-girly toys. Partly because they may make lots of little boy friends, but also because other types of toys are fun too. We have these animal sets that the girls love, and they also really like building with Duplo blocks. (My sister does a lot of play mobile stuff with her 5 girls and they have a great train set too, but we have yet to get into either of those.)

Join Jen and the rest for other, better takes!

***story made up for dramatic purposes


  1. This is what is so fun about having little girls! I agree with them all:) We are getting little V a kitchen set for her birthday and can't wait to see what she cooks in the mini pots;) Although, having an older brother has made her a little tomboy, but she still likes to stroll around her babies.

  2. What a cute idea with the thrifted tea set; I'll have to steal it one day! And I love the matching mama and baby snowman PJ's =)

  3. It's actually a very good thing you did here. Me not knowing what I'm doing as a mother to a little girl, had no ideas what to get. Seriously, I know I have some time... but I'm glad you did all testing for me :)

  4. We want to get Ellen a play kitchen so badly. I think it is topping the list of things for her birthday.

  5. This is a great list. I'm taking notes :)

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    1. wow, thank you- it is updated and I do appreciate you letting me know.

  7. Oh Ana, I love that you did this. I esp. got excited when I saw that you mentioned a tea set! I NEVER thought of that...but am so looking forward to something like that when little Rose gets bigger. I'm sure the boys will enjoy it as well ;)

  8. Thank you. I keep looking around at all the swords and guns and things here, and thinking I should probably get some girl toys now that we have girls, but I didn't know what to get.

    Anything that could be broken or used as a sword or a gun will be, though. I am resigned to that. They have big brothers, and there brothers spend their entire lives being superheros/ninjas/knights/evil fighting villainy people.

  9. Re #1 ~ I'd believe you, my nearly 5 yr old is just now paying more attention to her baby dolls then she does to her stuffed animals.

    Great list (and links)!

  10. Wow! A real two-piece Tinkerbell outfit! You must be a super cool mom (turtleneck, or not)!

  11. We have the Melissa and Doug castle too and love it. Maggie loves her Bitty Baby (from American Girl Doll store) but they're expensive. See if you can get those thrifted. And my baby BOY loves pushing the pink/purple stroller around :)

  12. Gotta say we probably have ALL of the Disney figurines like the ones you show in #6 (Nemo, pirates, a gazillion princesses). It was the go-to gift for every occasion for a while and man, do we have a lot of figurines now. But Gwen LOVES them. They're her favorite toys and she plays with them on everything (her kitchen, a Barbie house, Little People stuff).

    Neither of my girls are super into dolls, so sad.

    Great idea posting this! I may steal sometime! You've been forewarned! ; )

  13. Oh my goodness, those nursing covers are too cute! I actually had to tell my children about breastfeeding, because none of them remembered me actually doing it. Four years of my life, and they didn't even notice.

    And I used that sugar-cone-turret idea for my daughter's princess cake! Well, one of her princess cakes anyway. It's always a popular theme.

  14. Loved all these. My daughter's just now starting to like baby dolls, but Jesse the Cowgirl still holds the top spot around here. She loves to dress up though. I think picking up her eight million outfits a day is starting to qualify as a second full-time job.

  15. Ok, your girls are adorable! Tea sets are the best, that was my favorite thing when I was little, and my littlest sister's favorite thing now. I can't wait to have little girls of my own :)

  16. I wonder what age boys have to be before they stop seeing tea sets as projectiles. The world of raising girls seems so different from raising boys.

  17. My 7 year-old daughter read this over my shoulder and approved everything on here...especially the dress-up recommendation! :)

  18. Your girls are so sweet! I love the cone idea on the cake!

  19. Love the real tea set idea! I'll have to scope Goodwill for one... Maybe a birthday idea? And princesses are starting to get popular around here, too, so now I'm on the lookout for those as well.
    And, of course, thanks for the shout out!

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