Sunday, February 3, 2013

WIWS: repeat shmepeat

I am doing it. I'm posting a repeat outfit for WIWS. Go ahead, throw the first stone.

I figured since I added a bland brown cardigan and a hidden pair of earrings and some boot socks that you can't even see, it's basically a whole new outfit.

Or not.

I wore it then and I'm wearing it now:
i'm gonna getcha!
It was fun going out in the snow sans kids, I should do it more often.
And since the high today is a sweaty 22 degrees (as opposed to the 6 and 7 degree days we've been enjoying) it wasn't even that cold, hence the indoor outfit pictures being outside.

Not much else to report around here, other than some super glam stomach issues requiring me to eat noting but rice and peanut butter anymore, needless to say I've been a real blast to be around. But I am hoping we'll get it all figured out soon.

The girl's were amazing at Mass, I'd give them all As if I were grading, I felt like we had someone else's kids with us.

On another note, Mike's sister is about to give birth to her first born, and my future godson, any darn day and is looking absolutely stunning in her WIWS post, go check it out and give the greatly pregnant girl some love.

Stuff I've already told you:
Parka: Gap, garage sale for $5
Dress: Foreva 21
Cardi: Old to the Navy thrifted
Leggings: purchased while grocery shopping
Insanely long socks & earrings: F21
Boots: always the same

Fine Linen and Purple is the Sunday hot spot, hop over for more fun. 


  1. You look great, lady. As always ;)

  2. Oh man, I was WAY too much of a wuss to take the photos outside! I thought about it for a split second before opening the car door and then that thought was replaced by "MUST. GET. INSIDE. NOW!". Yep, totally a wuss! Also, one of my favorite parts of your WIWS posts is your details section.... never fails to make me laugh!

  3. Love the outfit, you look so great!!

  4. Police that cute shirt dress! And love me a South Bend winter, haha. Our neighbors down here think we're crazy for going out and playing in snow but we remind them that we're from northern Indiana and the snow doesn't phase us!

  5. Oh and I typed "love" that shirt dress but autocorrect switched it to "police" yeah, no worries that wasn't my threatening to steal it, haha!

  6. Super jealous of your $5 coat! Not that I'd get any use out of it in Florida...

  7. You look so cute. I can't even imagine being that cold. I wore short sleeves and no jacket to Mass today.

  8. I. Love. Shirtdresses. You could wear it every week, and i wouldn't complain.

  9. You look great! Love the dress and the boots look so comfy. Fabulous look my friend.

  10. cute and comfy!!
    And my kids are jealous of your snow :)

  11. Girl, I know whatchu mean about "sweaty" below-freezing temps! Heh.

  12. Love the shirtdress! And super impressed that you got that parka from a garage sale. Skill.