Saturday, March 9, 2013

finished product

This winter is killing me. I mean really, I have never longed for some freakin sunshine and fresh air so much in my life, or at least not this much since last winter.

I am so sick of the walls of this house and at different points find myself thinking about giving the girls laxatives so that I have more diapers to carry out to the trash can (THAT IS A JOKE please don't call CPS). It would just be nice to be able to introduce Lucy to the great big world of the outdoors without worrying that her little limbs will freeze and fall off the moment she is out with 75 layers on.

It's really killing me.

I have taken to sewing even more these days in an attempt to not bite every single finger nail off or start having deep conversations with the wall.

While going through skinny clothes that I'll never fit into again to give to less fortunate skinny people, I found a sweater shirt/dress and started to throw it into the giveaway bag but stopped myself. I got it at the Notre Dame Old to Gold sale, which is basically the biggest yard sale you have ever seen with tons of awesome stuff but most especially cute clothing that once belonged to a very fashionable, perhaps very wealthy, college girl who wore it all of one time and gave away, and you get it for $1. This number had a BCBG tag on it, so I figured it was a decent piece of clothing and that I could probably turn it into a cute. or at least wearable, little girl sweater dress. So I went for it:
Plus, if Naomi knows that she gets to wear the finished product and pose for pictures, she is much less likely to protest and it makes the process much easier.

I seam ripped the straps and buttons off, sewed up the 2 sides for a nice 4-year-old girl fit, then re-sewed the straps and button on in a good place for her. This is what we got:

She loved it and wore it all day and even though it could stand to be a little shorter right now, I am pretty sure it will still work for her next fall/winter, so it's all good.

Basically, I just need to have projects to do right now and ones that only take 30 minutes and then I have a finished product are theeee best.

Have a great rest of the weekend, party people!


  1. Ugh. I can totally relate to the cabin fever. Will spring ever come? Grace asks to go for a walk almost every day but it's too freaking cold/snowy/windy/icy to go. I need to refer back to your linkup for crafty ideas to pass the time. :)

  2. Wow, that turned out so great! And, yes, I hear you on the cabin fever. I really hope it's not unhealthy to have children watch eight billion hours of tv in a row.

  3. What a great idea! I need some sewing lessons...teach me please! ;) And Naomi is precious!

  4. so cute! so i guess it's not too early to be saving those swimsuit cover-ups i'll never wear again for the twins... :)

  5. So cute!!!

    We braved the outdoors today (we're in Lansing) for the first time in ages... I'm not sure if it was "worth" it... The toddler was slathered in mud (and I'm pretty sure ate some!) by the time we got home!

  6. Your father-in-law talked at our parish today! He informed everyone that he's very excited to be in South Bend for Leo's baptism tomorrow.

    I kinda wanted to tell him that I read your blog and that it's hilarious, but I thought it might be weird?

  7. 1) The dress is amazing. Go you!

    2) Longest winter ever.

    3) Just made ghetto necklace + ate 3 dinners to entertain myself.

  8. Old to Gold? What glories!!! I'm pumped.

    1. Group outing? It would be much better than last year when I didn't even get to look at the clothes! Chris, Ryan and I went last year, got there at 5:30am, waited forever, got a couple of rusty bikes that barely worked and that somehow got lost in the move. Boo.

  9. Ummm that looks so good! And let's meet up and burst out of those walls!