Friday, March 15, 2013

Lent, Chuck-E-Cheese and the Pope (7QT)

Time for some completely underwhelming quick takes for your Friday written on Thursday- because I seriously need to back away from ebay.

1: The girls had their first visit to Chuck-E-Cheese this week courtesy of their Grandparents, and now Naomi asks all too frequently if we can go back. No, no we can't.

 Not unless you can convince some nice old person to give you $50 for 20 tokens. (They're probably not that expensive, but did anyone else's parent's convince them that Check-E-Cheese was only for the really rich kids when they were younger? Mine did.)

2: I gave up shopping for Lent and resolved to pray the chaplet daily with the girls and smile more.

I just won a bid for 3 button down shirts on The Bay (that's what I call ebay), haven't prayed a chaplet in a long time, and am pretty sure that this look has been plastered on my face for the last 24 hours:
If you're happy and you know it...

You win some, you lose some.

3: To cope with this morning's grocery debacle, I decided to try out some new wine as a treat (just this once), and while I was out on my second grocery trip of the day I found this guy for a mere $5 and am thoroughly enjoying it:
The crazy thing is that it actually tastes like a fish eye!! 

 4: A little while ago Mike and I watched half of a documentary called Helvetica about... wait for it.... the font. We only got about half way through and stopped due to boredom. I know what you're thinking: "A documentary all about a font be boring?!?! No way!" I know, but it was. However, now I cannot stop looking at every sign I see when I am out and analyzing whether it is helvetic. Most of the time it is. Also, now I only want to use helvetica font (see the above text on picture), because really it is such a pleasing font.

You like it, you know it.

5: If you got through the last one, you deserve a break.

6: Did you read Grace's post on being embarrassed about your blog? Of course you did. But seriously, I feel like that every time someone says they read my blog. Wouldn't it be funny if you just denied that it was you who ran it? No it wouldn't. Ok.

7: Now for a quote from the first homily given by Pope Francis that pretty much smacked me in the selfish face to get myself back on track for the rest of this Lent:

When we walk without the Cross, when we build without the Cross, and when we profess Christ without the Cross, we are not disciples of the Lord. We are worldly, we are bishops, priests, cardinals, Popes, but not disciples of the Lord.

Obviously I replaced "bishops" or "priests" here with "mothers". It obviously applies to both. 
Thank God for Pope Francis.

Now for some more with Jen and the always better takers!


  1. Love that Pope Francis quote. I love him so much already.

  2. I love #7. Also, about Grace's post, I read it and I was thinking "Grace, how are you embarrassed? I should be embarrassed about my blog." Then I realized I'm not the only socially awkward person in the world. I'm actually surprised that I have the gumption to click "publish." I could never stand anyone looking at my drawings or reading my essays or reports in school.

  3. I've seen Helvetica! A friend of mine is a graphic designer and we watched it with him. I can't say it was the most thrilling thing I've watched-but you're right-it does make you notice the font all over the place!

  4. Braver women than me, I don't think I would try a wine called Fish Eye.
    Great list!!

  5. Dude. I got so scared on Sunday when I introduced myself to a new mom at our parish. Because when I said "My name is Dee....(which is what I tell people when I don't want to scare them...." and followed with "Well, it's really Dwija, but you don't wanna hear about that", she just nodded. And smiled. Didn't bat an eye. And THEN I was all "oh no! What if she's read my blog? Run away!". I was scared out of my pantaloons.

    We are so weird!

  6. I gave up shopping too. And now I have about 12 new shirts, a new pair of shoes and a bunch of various good smelling bath product. Crap.

  7. Oh and a few new pairs of pants. I'm pregnant and I need new clothes...

  8. I'm kind of intrigued by a documentary about fonts, but a little skeptical as to how they could produce a film that focuses on just one. But now I want to find out for myself.

    When Mike finishes grad school, you all should move to TX and shop at HEB. I forgot my wallet after a marathon stocking up grocery trip. They put my cart in a walk-in cooler, gave me a barcoded receipt so I wouldn't have to check out again, and let me run home to get my wallet. It was awesome!

  9. I love Papa Francis too..and that last quote is awesome!

    My Lenten sacrifice was to give up'm doing um..okay. There have definitely been some relapses, that is for sure.