Friday, March 15, 2013

Too Much Talking (because I had to)

Well I suppose I will go ahead and face my utter stupidity again and just post this thing since it's already showed up on mine and Mike's google reader and anyone else who is a glutton for that much punishment that they continue to subscribe to this blog. At least now it makes sense. I have got to stop doing this.

This conversation occurred out of nowhere the other day:

Naomi: Listen. God knows every one.
Me: uh huh?
Naomi: And God loves everyone...
Me: yep
Naomi: But the family that God loves the MOST is the Hahns........ in South Bend.
Mike much be teaching her theology again.

Here are a few random declarations from the mouth of Bernadette in her voice that is always at a screaming level. Always:

"You are the most expensive girl in the whole world!!"  -- This one was directed at me.

"You're not a lady! You're a daughter!!" -- to Naomi

I thought I smelled something poopish today and asked Bernadette if she could come over for me to check her diaper, to which she replied:
"Oh yes! You can check it. But before you change me I want you to pick up those corn muffins... "
There were no corn muffins.

Naomi runs into the kitchen excitedly (always) and says:
"Mom! Come and see! What do you think I did?
-I walk slowly over hoping that nothing has been destroyed and she announces:
"This is my conditional fort!!"
It was a blanket draped over Lucy's exersaucer.

The other night before bed I was telling the girls that it had been a really tough day and that they weren't making it easy for me with their bad behavior and Naomi breaks in:
"Oh, I know! Sometimes Fireball Tireball (her freakishly named stuffed dog) is really bad. Especially on Saturdays and Sundays when he has too much energy, he gets into so many naughty things. I know, it is so hard..."
Glad you can understand.

Naomi insisting that the pig in "If you give a pig a pancake" cannot be a girl:
"I don't see any of those things... (points to her chest area)... those pointy things that grow..."
 I promptly change the subject

 That's all for now.


  1. When I need a shoulder to cry on can I vent to Naomi? She sounds like she really gets it, what with Fireball Tireball being so naughty and all.

  2. HAH!! My greatest fear is that my drafts folder will get published.... Elena calls them "ipples" and tries weekly to feed Roman on them. He's not into it and gets super frustrated while she manhandles his head. So funny!!

  3. Love it.

    My girls call moles "nipples". And unfortunately, I have a lot. So they are constantly saying to me, "here's your nipple!!!" No amount of me telling them they. are. moles. gets through. It's like they're mocking me...

    (unrelated inquiry: where did you get those shape things pictured with Naomi? or do you know what they are called?)

    1. Tangrams! But I don't know where to get them - probably amazon or teaching supply stores.

      And we totally refuse to teach the kids proper terms for anatomy :P Cecilia talks about milk every time she sees my chest- "That's Mom's milk! And da babies dwink from her! And when I was a baby, I NURSED! JOHN PAUL WAS A BABY HE NURSED!!!"

  4. When I was 13 and one of my sisters was 3, I was tucking her in for bed and she asked me why I had "long these" (as she pinched her own toddler nipples). I can't even remember what I did aside from blush but now "lawn dees" (her pronunciation) is my delicate euphemism for boobs.

  5. those things that grow. what a lovely phrase!