Thursday, March 14, 2013

5 Favorites

In an effort to not write a novel-length diatribe about this morning's horrendous trip to the grocery store wherein even though I only had two kids in tow, I managed to get all the groceries we needed, had everything on the conveyor thing, went to get my ID for the booz and there was no wallet. All items were abandoned and another grocery trip had to take place this afternoon. Also Bernadette got a bloody nose the second I realized there was no wallet.

Yeah, so I am not going to complain about it, but rather join the always positive and encouraging Hallie to focus on 5 favorite things instead of this morning's grocery fail. Thank goodness she extended the link-up or you would be really in for it.

Hit it:

Need I say more? I will. Since evenings have been pretty boring sans the husband's pressence these days, I have been spending moderate to severe amounts of time adding items to my "watch list" (which sounds really creepy), bidding my little heart out and constantly having my hopes raised and then dashed at the end of a bid- but the thrill is well worth it. 

I already touched on the baptism of my newest nephew and godson on Sunday, and the fun just kept going. Mike's family left town Wednesday morning and the time was so great. I love family and always wish we lived closer whenever they have to leave, some day...

Other than losing an hour of sleep the other night, I am pretty happy with the spring forward. The girls have slept in until 8 every morning so far and this morning I felt like I was living someone else's life. There was certainly no excuse for not working out other than my gluts being too darn sore from yesterday's efforts. I had almost a full hour to myself with all the extra sleeping they were doing, but I had some very important ebay bids to check on... and blogs to read.... and coffee to drink. 


This may or may not be the cause of my new ebay addiction. After perusing their selection and throwing several items in my virtual shopping basket and seeing the $ total, I realized that purchasing those items could swiftly lead to bankruptcy for us. But this would not necessarily be the case with Anthropologie items purchased from ebay...
Mike clued me into the fact that has some various writings/interviews in English from our new Pope Francis. I loved this:

Some believe that faith and salvation come with our effort to look for, to seek the Lord. Whereas it’s the opposite: you are saved when the Lord looks for you, when He looks at you and you let yourself be looked at and sought for. The Lord will look for you first. And when you find Him, you understand that He was waiting there looking at you, He was expecting you from beforehand.

That is salvation: He loves you beforehand. And you let yourself be loved. Salvation is precisely this meeting where He works first.

Then then there is this meme from Catholic Memes on facebook:
Love it all.
Thanks to Hallie for hosting again!!


  1. Hey Ana,

    I am sure you already have been nominated, but I nominated you for a Liebster award. Here's the info if you are up for it!

  2. Ohhh Anthro!! I received the March catalog. It has me hooked. Perhaps I need to peruse ebay for myself, I usually only shop for the kids. Love the watch list!!

  3. Okay - so it sounds like you punched Bernadette in the nose when you realized your wallet was missing :) Don't change it though. I know you didn't!!!!!

    And please stop tempting me to shop. I spend all our money each month on food and there is none leftover for clothes!!!

  4. My daughter calls anthro "the pretty store." So sorry about the checkout's happened to us all at one time or another!

    Gorgeous Godson! Don't you love the smell of a freshly baptized baby!

    Always so thrilling to see your mil in pics -- she changed my life.

  5. I am so in love with Catholic Memes. They are making an appearance on my 7QT tomorrow. Also, I hope you at least got a good laugh at your misfortunes this morning. Sometimes with it hits the fan, I can't help but laugh.

  6. I just died laughing at the Meme. Hadn't seen that one yet! :)

  7. OH yes, the ebay rush. I know it well... too well... "I won!!!! Bahahahahahahah (evil laughter)!! Take that world!!"
    I'm also on the love train for daylight savings. :) Love the extra sun!

  8. "And you let yourself be loved"

    Sobbing. I am sobbing right now.