Wednesday, April 17, 2013

5 for you

It's time for:

This is today's picture, which is of a lenticular cloud. Don't know what that is? They will tell you, along with tons of other wonderfully fascinating things, every day. And the best part is that they have been doing it since 1995 and have archived every pic of the day since then, meaning that I have decades of pics and deets to go through. Best. Thing. Ever.

Mad Men
photo here
Sorry if this scandalizes anyone. There really is a lot of sex, which is not my favorite, but we've watched every other season and are watching the newest one now. It really is a great show. 

Mike working from home

There may have been times in the past where I complained (don't worry, I just slapped myself) because every time the girls would tantrum (some days every 10 minutes) Mike would come up and try to help me, meaning he was getting next to no work done and I would get all defensive like he was saying, by coming upstairs, that I couldn't handle things on my own (don't worry, I just slapped myself again). I will never complain again. I love when he can come up and help, and lately it has meant that when the girls are napping I get to go out running. Alone. Need I say more? It's the best.

My Floss

Because of costing our family hundreds of dollars as of late getting my horrible teeth fixed, I have had to seriously buckle down and floss every night. This usually goes terribly, but I found this which is the gold of floss and does not break when I am squeezing it between my not-straight-at-all-and-way-too-packed-in teeth. Plus there is minimal gum bleeding, gross, sorry. I have never flossed this consistently in my life until now.

Baby holding apparatuses.
This is what she did while I wrote this post.
Exersaucers, bumbo seats, bouncy seats, swings, whatever. We have them all and I love them all. I currently love the exersaucer the best since it keeps Lucy out of danger of being trampled on or laid upon and suffocated, which is always preferred. 

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  1. ummm YES. having a husband at home is the best thing evar evar evar. my husband is studying for his first step of medical boards so I've had to buckle down and do the big girl thing and actually MAKE HIM leave the house to study from 8-6 because otherwise I use and abuse the privilege of having a helpful homebound husband.

    and... that floss is my jam. I, too, have been blessed with amazingly costly teeth, so every night I have myself a little "me time" with the floss.

  2. Oh my goodness...a million "Amens" to #3. It totally makes the incredibly tight budget for 7 years totally worth it!!! And I'm exactly like you...I always feel so bad when he emerges from his cave to help, like it means I'm failing somehow. But he's totally like how it sounds Mike is...actually willing to help! Thank God for grad student husbands!

  3. I can't wait to look over the astronomy website. What a find!
    And I've tried to like "Mad Men", I really have. But what I've seen so far (not even done with season one) is so dark and so depressing that I find myself upset when I'm done. Is there a flicker of redemption in it? Like, is the whole series really the tale of Don Draper's salvation and I just have to press on through for the goodness at the end? Or is it just more dispair and empty, angry sex?

    1. Right, yes, it is pretty dark all the way through- except for Roger Sterling, always a bright spot and good for a laugh. I mean, you do some redemptive stuff happen with Don throughout and the advertising stuff picks up which is super interesting. But I totally understand what you mean about being upset when it is done, in the first season Mike and I would get into little tiffs after soooo many episodes because I would be so frustrated with Don. It definitely gets better though.

    2. I gotta agree with Cari on this. This show depresses me because it represents the cultural animosity toward the institution of marriage that people love to associate most especially with the 1950s and 1960s. Married women feel trapped by children and consider abortion, while there husbands cheat and drink. It just infuriates me, because while yes I'm sure there were bad marriages during this era (like any age), I think mainstream academia and media love to exaggerate the suppression of marriage during this time.

      I feel like watching these kind of shows desensitize and don't edify. Sorry for being so opinionated, but this show really bothers me!

      HAve you seen Falling Skies or Foyle's War. They are great shows with fun and interesting plot lines without all the deconstructionist propaganda.

    3. I love the conflicting opinions, I have gone back and fourth with this one.

      I have to say that they do a great job of portraying those characters who ARE actually faithful (Kenny and his wife) as happy and content while the rest who cheat are empty and sad (even Roger who is always seemingly happy in his cheating ways is now starting to realize he has nothing). I know there aren't as many happy, faithful couples in the show, but those that are there stick out in your mind.

      Also, it is supposed to be a tragedy.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing the astronomy website!! Do you know if there is any way to add them to my blog reader? Because that would be doubly amazing! So excited. You have no idea.

    Flossing...teeth...dentists...yeah. I'm your partner in crime. Though I had braces so I don't have spacing issues, I loathe going to the dentist and am sure they will tell me that I'll need 10 root canals and 8 visits to clean the coffee stains off my teeth, so I avoid it like the plague. I'll have to check out the floss - we have the floss-on-a-stick kind that look like swords. It gets me flossing a few times more than I would otherwise. Oh, and by the way, from your photos, I would never guess that your teeth are trouble!

    Loving your blog!

  5. Yes to #3- can't complain about flexible schedules or help during the day!
    And I love devices that hold babies. Life-savers.

  6. When my husband "steps" in, I also sometimes feel like it's a criticism, until I remind myself that he's their parent, too! And we both parent differently, which is a good thing. Because that's part of WHY we advocate so fiercely for traditional marriage. We also have 4 boys, so they definitely need their dad to step in on the discipline every once in awhile! I feel your pain on the flossing. I wasn't much for it either, until two years ago. A crown, and a root canal, AND a sinus infection that migrated to my gums later, and I now floss a couple times a day after meals. It really does make things better!

  7. Love that your husband is wearing an ND hat! Go Irish!

  8. Yay! You like Mad Men. We can now officially be friends in real life. Jk, its not really one of my friend criteria...not reaaallyy. I love how I spend time thinking about each episode afterwards, although maybe that just makes me a huge nerd.

    And Lucy is getting cuter and cuter and I love her hair so. so. much!

  9. We are looking for a new tv series to waste an insane amount of hours on :). Thanks for the suggestion!

    My Hope is sitting right now in the exact exersaucer that you have pictured!

  10. Unfortunately I can relate to flossing. I am going through the EXACT same thing right now. (Blah.) And you are right about that floss. It's the only kind I will get. So sad tons and tons and tons of money into my mouth and dentist's office is what is finally forcing me to floss my teeth. I'm glad I'm not the only one out there!

  11. Sean and I have the first ep of MM queued up but haven't started yet. Is it good this season?? So excited.

    Lucy's hair is my favorite thing I've ever seen.

  12. Absolutely love Lucy's hair. Can't wait to see you all.

  13. That floss is the bombdiggity. Is it sad that I have such a strong opinion about floss? Once you go Glide, you can never go cheap!