Tuesday, April 16, 2013

If you can't take the heat...

Time for a good Tuesday night ramble.

I had to take all three girls to a nurse check-up, weight check type appointment this morning where their computers moved juuuuust about as slowly as our very first family computer back in 1990. They made sure to make me feel as guilty as they could for everything from not steaming my girls' lunch meat to the fact that Lucy hasn't really had much, barely any, solid food, and to really caution me that Naomi is AT RISK for being overweight because she falls in the 97th percentile for weight, even though she is growing perfectly proportionally with her height. I made sure to let them know that they are NOT doctors and that she is fine.

In addition, while we were there we discovered that Naomi's iron count is a little low, so I did what any mother guilt ridden over her child's apparently iron deficient diet does and freaked out. I went to the store during nap time and stared down nutrition content like a mad woman and even bought... wait for it... kale!!! EW, just the sound of it makes me quiver.

So upon arriving home from the store I realized that I had very little, to no time to actually get an iron-rich dinner ready for our family and that if I had just gotten my shiznit together this morning instead of clicking through every Astronomy Pic of the Day for hours I might have gotten the iron-packed roast into the crock pot and saved my child from her impending death due to not enough iron. But I didn't, and there was no red meat to cook quickly for dinner, so the guilt compounded.

I figured then that if I just steamed bunch of broccoli with the meal I could alleviate some of the guilt and not feel like such a failure.

So with Lucy in my arms I set out to make a dinner that a mother who is NOT a failure would make. Am I being too dramatic? Too self deprecating? Good, that's what I'm going for. Please leave lots of comments about how great of a mother I am and the awesome job I am doing. *

The real wrench in this plan is that Lucy, on par with the way she usually does things, was a real champ at NOT SLEEPING AT ALL today. Or at least the baaaaaare minimum. So she was basically angry and crying the entire time I was trying to make this nice, healthy dinner with a iron rich side of vegis.

And even though Mike came up to help me at the 6 o'clock hour, we both caught a serious whiff of something not just burning but burning and about to catch on fire and I turned to see that it is my lone dish with any substantial amount of iron in it. I looked and the water that the broccoli was steaming with had totally evaporated, the pot was totally ruined, the entire house smelled like a batch of really bad weed and the broccoli tasted like it too. I won't tell you how I know that.

So I cried.

Then we tried like hell to get Lucy the non-sleeper down to bed and since she is what I like to call "a committed crier" it took soooooooooooo freakin long for her to fall asleep that I thought my heart might explode out of my throat (your welcome for the word picture) and now we are on at least our 15th time putting the girls back into their beds even though it's past 9 and we put them in there a good hour ago.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you fail at everything.

* please don't


  1. Your response to the junk they told you sounds just like me. I know it isn't true (or certainly not the full truth), but I let it drive me crazy and freak out. I even talk to myself while I'm doing it, "Are you *really* going to let that comment/situation drive you off the deep end?" And I'm like "yyyeppp!" One time it was because they told me my son couldn't use scissors. Oh, mercy. Also, for iron, I like to make smoothies and put lots of spinach in there. They don't notice.

  2. Is Naomi the little girl eating cake in the picture? She is not overweight at all! We have to bring our kids to appointments like that too, and we've heard some odd things from the nurses. Things I would ask the doctor about later, and he would say, "yeah, don't do what she said."

    Your children look very well taken care. They are beautiful and I'm sure you're doing a great job with them!

  3. Does Lucy let you wear her at all? That's pretty much the only way I get things done these days. And those nurses are jerks! And Lucy doesn't need solids - "under 1 just for fun" is our motto. The twins just turned 5 months and they're not getting anything for at LEAST a month, probably longer since they were born early.

    You are exactly the mom your children need!

  4. Good grief...what a day! I hope you're rewarding yourself with extra internet time or something delicious to eat tonight. You sure earned it!

    Btw my little girl is such a picky eater, and we give her a multivitamin every day (errr....when it's not out and I haven't picked up more because I hate the process of running an extra non-fun errand). Anyway, she takes it almost every day when I have my act together and I think that helps her somewhat with her iron count. Hopefully. At least...that's what I tell myself....

  5. Ana! You are a GREAT mother....just for starters. Secondly, this entire scenario sounds a little like what would play out at this house :) Two things I thought of while reading this: 1) Have you ever made Kale chips? Delish...and easy to make. Made that way is the only way I hoodwinked my kids into eating that stuff! 2) Do you have a cast-iron skillet? You can get a cheap one at most grocery stores and/or walmarts,etc. Not only is it one of the greatest pieces of cookware out there, it also leaches a bit of iron into the food you cook each time. According to many, many "healthy" websites I read...this is a good thing.

    Just a couple non-important tips :)



    I DON'T WHAT WE'RE YELLING ABOUT (does a little Anchorman reference brighten your day? And aren't caps lock so angry looking? Sorry about that...I felt rather passionate about all the above.)

  7. Check-ups are the worst as they always make us feel like the worst parents ever. Or in my case, very argumentative.

    Gotta add that quinoa is super iron rich and a great rice replacement (we cook a TON at once and refrigerate for easy day-to-day access).

    Also, you're awesome.

  8. Oh my gosh, I know these appointments that you speak of and they are the worst. I didn't listen to anything they said because I figure most of their clientele probably really does need advice on how to care for their children, but not I....and not you!

    Just add some iron drops to her juice and call it done.

  9. So sorry to hear about your day! I would have had a similar reaction to what the nurses said. I think sometimes they want to feel more important than they are, so they give unsolicited advice. (I had a nurse tell me that giving my son a bottle in the middle of the night would be good for breastfeeding. What!? How so?)
    As for the iron, my son was also low on iron so I started giving him Flintstone vitamins. He LOVES them. He actually reminds me daily that he needs to take them - "mahnin? mahnin?" (vitamin? vitamin?) he says. They're packed with iron.
    Also, unless they did the full blood panel the results may not even be accurate (or so says my pediatrician sister). She told me that when they do the prick it only gives them minimal results. She said she doesn't even use it because it's so inaccurate.

  10. HAHAHAHAH @ "like a batch of really bad weed"...unfortunately, I can remember the taste.
    holy smokes, dude. what is wrong with some of these nurses out there?! did they seriously tell you to steam your kids' meat? what the H is that about?? These peeps is crazy.
    As far as the weight thing..kids come in all different sizes. I mean what the bleep is this, America's Next Top Model?? gee freakin willikers. sigh.
    You know what I like about you?? You keep it real. I love that. And you are awesomely funny. And ya know what else?? You're a wonderful mother.
    Oh yeah, I said it. Shoot me.
    No really don't shoot me.

  11. Sorry for the really rough day, hope today finds Lucy in sleeping frame of mind ~ good Iron suggestions above, won't repeat.

    Thanks for keeping it real!

  12. It seems like your nurses are overstepping a bit. (Wait, do people say that anymore? Or did it go out with the class system? I read too many British novels.) It's so hard to ignore, even when Mom instinct knows better. This made me want to not get the kids checked for anemia, because goodness knows we don't eat kale.

  13. Yeah, nurses are going cray on you.

    Paul's low on iron - or he was last time we checked, so I go the simple route and go with raisens. Don't know why, Paul eats them like candy, and yes, even put them in cookies if she'll eat them that way. : )

    Plus, if we give our kids perfect nutrition, they'll have nothing to give up for Lent or grow from in the future. : )

  14. So, I think Liam is only about a month (or less?) younger than Lucy, and I've tried bananas with him a grand total of three times. Not. Interested. You know who else isn't interested? This mama--am I seriously going to take the time I don't really have to try to get a perfectly healthy chubby happy 5 1/2 month old to eat fruit he's just going to spit out, just to make his pediatrician happy? Um, no.

    Also, I'm pretty sure he was supposed to have a 4 month appointment with the ped, but we didn't do the 2 month appointment until 3 months, and now he's going on 6 months, and I don't want to hear about how I'm "supposed" to be supplementing with iron and vitamin D (even though we're nursing) and how he should have started eating rice cereal over a month ago, and how the ped is surprised he's not sleeping through the night yet (seriously? like that's supposed to make me feel better?). So... yeah. That's what I think of well baby visits (okay not really, at least not entirely).

    A novel for a comment is perfectly acceptable, right? Sorry :)

  15. MOLASSES!! I battle anemia occasionally and throw a shot of blackstrap molasses in milk...instant (healthy) chocolate milk and packed with iron. super kid-friendly!!

  16. Ahem, cheeseburgers are iron rich. I'd totally have used that as an excuse to have McD's for dinner, lol! My weakness for fast food is probably the only reason none of my kids have been iron deficient :)

  17. Oh sweet daughter, you are an awesome mother! We all have days like this. Why not try making Naomi a morning smoothie with kale, 1/2 banana, some milk, and some other fruit, fresh or frozen, maybe some yogurt. Use your imagination. I make a protein shake along this line several mornings each week. You can't even taste the kale. Kiss the girls for me.

  18. You're a great mother! Don't take that bad advice too seriously. I don't mean to creep you out, but we also live in South Bend, and I believe I know which office you are referring to. I know all too well because I used to work there, and some of the nurses have not updated their nutrition/growth chart/infant development information since they went to school in the 80's.