Friday, April 5, 2013

7 minute takes (and too much fitness talk)

I am going to attempt to write these in 7 minutes. Which most likely will not happen, but I am setting a timer. Expect great things. No- don't.


1) I have decided that I hate doing workout DVDs. I have been attempting to run outside when Mike is able to watch the girls and I like it because I get to listen to music and pretend that all the people that live in the homes I am running past are going to burst through their doors and dance down the street with me like we're in a musical. You know you imagine that too when you're running.

2) Here is a taste of my running playlist since you were wondering:
-Africa by Toto
-Beat It by MJ
- Geek in The Pink by Jason Mraz
-Rosa Parks by Outkast
- Crazy by Gnarls Barkley
- Christ is Risen by Matt Maher
-Annie Waits by Ben Folds.
- Does it get any more random?
- And I can imagine myself being in a musical down the street to any and all of those songs. I am pretty imaginative.

I think it is best to dig into as many genres and time periods as is possible. Also I have no money buy music so I have to scrimp. Suggestions are welcome- but only those that are already in my itunes library.

3) Despite #1, I summoned all the motivation in my body and did an entire Jillian workout (including the warm-up!) since running was not in the cards today. I did this on the one lone day in months that ALL THREE GIRLS NAPPED FOR AN EXTENDED AMOUNT OF TIME at the same time. I decided to spend that glorious nap period looking at this:

Worst decision ever?

4) I have to skip one. The clock is ticking...

5) We went to the zoo yesterday and Bernadette kept saying that "the Tiger drinks water and eats many, many children..."
He sure does...
 (that may give you some insight into the various types of threats we use for disciplinary measures). Kidding

6) Congrats to the whole Lord family on the arrival of baby Charlie!! I am not going to lie, Hallie have her baby has maybe made me want another baby right now.

7) Made this banana bread recipe today and it is DEEEElicious.
photo credit

**All photos and links added after 7 minutes were up, as well as spelling and grammar corrections. So I am kind of a liar.

Head over to Jen, (and prayer for her too!!) and the honest ones for more!


  1. I used to listen to "geek in the pink" on repeat in college. i have totally forgotten about it since then. love it!

  2. What is it about new babies that makes me want another? Or people being pregnant. And then when I am pregnant (like, oh, rightthisminute) I'm like "no way, never again, at least not for 3 years." I get done being pregnant and whooosh, baby fever.

    Also, libraries usually have TONS of CDs of all kinds and you can find ones you want. I'm not sure about adding that to your player though.

  3. oh PS both links in 6 and 7 send you to the banana bread. I bet it's good, though.

  4. No offense but yay I agree #3 probably a mistake.
    Enjoy your banana bread, actually on the menu for here too this weekend.

  5. Funniest takes ever!!! Eating babies made me spit my wine out :)

  6. They are supposed to be quick, aren't they...

    It ends up being my longest post all week. Timer idea noted!

  7. "Get on the ladder, Shay." For some reason that is the most terrifying - and perfectly apt summary of personality and motivational style - Jillian quip of all time. My sister and I say it to eachother in a deadly calm and monotone voice before we begin a Shred session. Shudders, every time.

  8. ha!! yeh, like a musical will break out? lol! too funny.

  9. As soon as I read your music playlist I heard Toto crooning "it's gonna take a lot to take me away from youuuuuuuuu."

    And Annie Waits is a PRIME musical number song. I'll start choreographing.