Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cinco Favoritos

Joining Jen in lieu of Hallie today for some raindrops on roses and other favorites.

Bernadette's alter ego, "Gina".
I do not know where she even got the name from since we have zero friends with it and have seen no movies and read no books with anyone named Gina. 

The personality is mostly characterized by tons of sass, a lot of body movement, wearing scarves on her head, constantly asking everyone if they are a "daughter or a lady"and disobeying everything I say because "I'm not Bernadette, I'm Gina!". Here's a taste of it if you're hungry:

The outcome of our trip to get some Cheesy McCheeseball Target portrait pics:
There may have been many tears shed by the 28-year-old mother who also may have stormed out of the house at one point in a total freak out about getting everyone ready and whether Lucy would nap before hand in order for her to be in good spirits. She didn't, I flipped out, everything was just fine.
We celebrated Mike being done with comprehensive exams (by the way, HE PASSED!!) with the largest cleaning/organizing undertaking that we've done since moving into this house. This is a small sampling:

Granted, I was not happy about it when I realized Mike wanted to do this instead of sit and drink gin and tonics with me all day, but the finished product is definitely a favorite. 

The dress.
I found the dress I will be wearing in my little sister's wedding this summer and I am thrilled. I was having a hard time finding a "forest green" dress that I liked and would possibly ever wear again, but luck had it that Grace co-hosted an Easter OTI link-up with the lovely Kayla, who wore this beauty

And she told us right wear I need to go to purchase and wear. I love the dress and I love that the task of finding my bridesmaids dress is complete.
That this is the forecast for the next 2 days. 
45 degrees is balmy in my mind anymore, so 56 is practically tropical. We will be visiting the zoo, going to the park, having a picnic and doing anything else we can do outside. We'll probably just have nap time outside too. We're never coming inside again. Welcome Spring!! Finally.

I realize that this is more like 7 quick takes, but Jen is hosting and my mind had a hard time making the switch. I need more coffee.

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  1. Yes! 45 is balmy for right now!

    And congrats to Mike! Woo hoo!

    That dress will be awesome for nursing too. Is that weird that nursing is always on my mind these days? Ah well.

  2. Oooooh, such a pretty dress! I have always coveted the items at eShakti...seriously.

    Congrats to your hubby for passing too!

  3. That dress is beautiful!

    And when it's 45 down here I don't leave the house! But I'm glad it makes you happy :)

    And yay for Mike!

  4. I'm also disappointed when people want to do anything except sit down and drink gin and tonics with me. The pictures are way cute, btw.

  5. Oh, that dress is amazing!! What a great bridesmaids dress, and you can wear it again unlike most bridemaids dresses!
    I want to go wherever you are and steal that weather. Oh my! I think it may hit 35 today (which I'm actually excited about because it is a huge improvement!!).

  6. You are my soul sister gin and tonic friend!! My bottle of Henrick's has an honorary place beside our huge jug of olive oil and towering stash of tea. BUT, if my husband actually wanted to clean something in this house, anything, the gin would definitely have to wait.

  7. O little Gina...that is hilarious! Emma was watching the video with me and she asked if she could go over to your house to play. I wish.

  8. gorgeous dress!

    And how cute is Lucy showing off the hem of that dress?!

    And portrait prep can be very hard on a mother, no fooling.

    Yay for Mike passing those tests. Relief!

    Your closets have either inspired me or cloaked me in shame, for I need to get off the internet and go clean mine.

  9. So is taking on an alter ego a 2 year old thing? That's what our daughter started doing...except her altar egos are on rotation and it's a bit hard to keep up with. Is she Kermit? Baby Bubbles? Baby Tiger? 2 year olds are ridiculous, no?

  10. I want "Gina's" sense of fashion. I love it.
    Your "cheesey mccheesey" photos are awesome.
    Yay for your hubby passing! I am sure it was stressful...sort of like taking family photos. LOL!

  11. Oh my gosh your girls are soooo funny! Would love to spend an afternoon with them and see these shenanigans in real life. Such cutie-pies. Congrats to Mike on passing and also for finding a gem at eSkatki! I just got a chambray shirt dress from there this week. Hoping it'll become a good Spring staple.

  12. Congrats on Mike passing! That's so great!

  13. Haha! The whole "Gina" thing cracks me up! Congrats to Mike on passing... Though I have to say that I never celebrated anything by organizing. Not that it's a bad thing, just not something I'm disciplined enough to do.