Sunday, April 7, 2013

WIWS, JC Penny Catalog Edition

Does anyone else get home from Mass and run for the kitchen like a starved participant of Biggest Loser who has just been sent home?

It was only after Mike walked into the kitchen and caught me devouring the girls' remaining pancakes covered in nutella that I knew I had a problem. That was after I had already inhaled 2 leftover chocolate chip cookies and a helping of last night's meatloaf and potatoes.

But seriously- every single Sunday, by the time we get home from the 11 o'clock Mass I feel like I have been deprived of any sustenance for weeks- weeks I tell you! So I just eat everything.

These pictures were taken post-pigout, which was not the smartest idea on my part, you better believe that I am sucking. it. in.

is that pancake on your face, Ana?
Then the photographer told me to stand like this:
His name is "Self Timer", but I call him ST for short.

And I know you were wondering, so I'll just let everyone know now that- YES- I will be submitting these as my audition photos for the upcoming JC Penny catalog*.

The momfit rundown:
  • Shoes- Goodwill
  • Skirt- Target (in the ladies career section, duh)
  • Blouse- wait for it... St. John's Bay (thrifted) no shame here.
  • (ok a little shame)
  • Necklace- gift from the madre
Stayed tuned next week for a showcase of Karen Scott's new collection.
Ok sorry, I will stop.
And for the record (or as a confession) I have large number of Karen Scott items in my wardrobe.

Head over to the Finest Linen and Purple Ladies for more!

*I am joking.


  1. I love that skirt! Did you get it from Target recently or is it one of those "You're already too late, Hannah" things?

  2. I love that shirt and am a little sad that it is thrifted. Ok, more like jealous that you found it. I am in search of white shirts that don't make me look like I am wearing my husband's clothes.

    As for post-Mass pig outs....I plead the fifth. Our family tradition is to go to brunch after, and I fully take advantage of the notion that it is two meals in one.

    ST took some smashing pictures of you, even post pig out. :)

  3. love your outfit.
    the post-pigout - yes, me too!

  4. Morning Masses are so difficult that way! When I go to Daily Mass, I usually end up just opting to not receive so I can have breakfast on the way. I'm not sure if I feel guilty about that or not. ;)

    Faaabulous outfit, regardless! :)

  5. I love how the necklace really pulls the whole outfit together!

  6. I'm always starving after Mass too!

    Love the totally completes the outfit.

  7. Yes, Ana, me too! Every Sunday. I think it is because of the full body 70 minute workout I get from trying to hold a writhing child. My biggest workout of the week : )

  8. Well, you make JC Penney look good, lady.

  9. Love that skirt! And I'm the same way after mass...STARVING! I'm usually feeding myself and the kids at the same time.

  10. JC Penney has some nice clothes! Seriously, for awhile all I could find to fit my post partum body was SJ Bay. I don't even think they sell it anymore. Guess i can't have anymore babies ;) You look great!

  11. Oh, I totally destroy my kitchen after Mass. It's not just you! I've been surprised to learn that what I thought was your basic khaki pencil skirt has been impossible to find--yours fits perfectly!

  12. I would totally appreciate seeing you in a Penney's catalogue instead off all those fresh faced women who obviously have no children or non-air brushed skin. And I'd better add your outfit is cute (love the blouse), lest I go off on some weird tangent.

  13. I happen to love your momfit!

    Also, I have been known to sneaky eat granola bars *during* Mass while pregnant. I don't have to fast, and I'm preggo starving. I think God is ok with that...

  14. You look classy and timeless! And nothing wrong with having an appetite. Mmmm ... food.