Friday, April 12, 2013

Crazy Tigers and Chidren, a PG 13 7 Quick Takes

Joining Grace in lieu of Jen the amazing for some slightly inappropriate takes. Brace yourself.

1) We had a nice burst of warm weather earlier in the week and ventured out to the zoo hoping we could dodge the rain (because you can't have warm weather without rain, at least not in South Bend). We were not so lucky and had to run for cover immediately upon arriving. But it turned out to be one of the most exciting zoo trips we've ever had because...

2) Peacocks don't like the rain. And to get out of the rain they will come right up to you and jump up on the picnic table that you're camping out on in the food pavilion and eat all your graham crackers:

Nothing at the zoo has ever resulted in that much excitement and I am sure nothing ever will again.
*please stop watching the video after the first 15 seconds, my voice just gets really annoying after that.

3) The Tiger was also causing a lot of excitement for us once the rain stopped, since he (we'll just call it a he) was a little, ahem, excited, himself. (I now know why that large bouncy ball is in there with him).

Bernadette just kept yelling "look! he's bouncing, he's bouncing!".

Let's ignore the weird fact that I got a picture of this, I thought he was just going to play with it!!

4) Sorry, this is a PG 13 post.

5) However, since Mr. Frisky was feeling so, er excited, he kept coming up to the glass and growling and butting his head against it, meaning we were this close to him most of the time:

You know, just 1 inch of glass away from A TIGER (!!!!)

6)  Now that the nice weather bubble has burst, we're stuck back in the house. To cope with this I attempted to host what I thought could be a lovely, peaceful play date this morning with a few of my friends and their kids* and something occurred to me (for not the first time): my kids are crazy. Every time kids were screaming or fighting it involved one of my children, and every time the volume became too much for the mothers' ears to bear, one of my girls were surely to blame.

They're crazy and slowly taking me with them...
7) I called Mike by 1 this afternoon begging him to come and give me a break some time today so that I don't lose it, and at 3 he will be coming to take the older girls out. What will I do with myself? What will I NOT do? That is the question. The very prospect has me bouncing up and down like the overly excited tiger.

8) Sorry for the inappropriate post, sometimes you just have to do one.

Have a splendid weekend, party people!

*It was a lovely play date, lovely and loud



    ramp it up to R next time.

    so freaking funny.

    or should I say so eff-bomb funny? yes.

  2. Okay..this post had me totally cracking up!

  3. Love this!! We have the same tiger set up at the Atlanta zoo. That was always my boys' favorite. That and the stinky elephants. We used to have a family pass and spend HOURS there. Nothing like letting a pack of boys roam with the wild animals to burn up some serious daylight hours. Good times.

  4. Lol, oh my gosh...I'm an emotional mess as is, but this blog post has me laughing in tears. Love it.

  5. So funny. permanent smile on my face!

    I can't believe you were that close to the tiger! That scares me. I just keep thinking when we get really close to the lion or tiger in our zoo that they will break the glass or jump the fence!