Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Linking up with all-star mom, Hallie today for some favorites that are getting me through this week. And before I begin I will give you one thing that is NOT my favorite: that it snowed today. If it wasn't going to be beautiful the rest of the week I would have packed us up and moved when I saw the flakes. It's late April, South Bend, get with it.

Now for the good things:
Lucy's new trick:

Seriously, Ana? Kid number 3 and you're making this big of a deal over your baby saying "bababa". I know I really don't have an excuse, but it is the cutest thing and does not get old. Noami and Bernadette go crazy when she does it, they might just fall over dead when she actually learns to talk.

My new bronzer

I wear between 3 and 4 things on my face daily: mascara, powder/foundation, bronzer and occasionally lip stick. SO the fact that the bronzer I have been using for the past year sucks has been kind of tough. But I am too cheap to buy more without using the stuff that I bought that sucked. So finally it ran out! So I got his stuff and I love it. And guess what? It actually does its job and BRONZES!!

This picture
The swing set in my parent's back yard- it started out with only the first 6 swings.
Naomi and I just sat and stared at it for a while the other day day dreaming about being back at my parent's house with my siblings and the girls' cousins, all 19 of them, swinging on the largest swing set ever. My dad just keeps adding onto it as more grandbabies come.

Ladies Night

Probably about once a month a few friends and me get together for margaritas, snacks, talking, laughing and all around fun sans any children. I would be embarrassed if I told you for how many days (or weeks) in advance I start looking forward to this, so I wont. Suffice it to say that it is one of the only things getting me through this day.

My shiny new food processor

Oh the things that I get excited about now that I run a home. But seriously, this baby is just that, my new baby. I might start taking it for walks it or give it its own room. I really like it. It is currently being used to grind graham crackers to make me some "Irresistible Graham Cracker Cookies" for my big social outing this evening. I will keep you posted on how they turn out, but even if they stink, the processor did a bang-up job grinding the crackers.


  1. Ana, I am taking that picture of the swing set and placing everywhere in my house - maybe I'll get one! I love it!! :)

  2. That swing set is awesome!!!

  3. Aren't Ladies Nights the BEST!!! I'm so fortunate to have a group of friends that gets together regularly. I look forward to each one..oh..starting the day after the last one!

  4. Thanks for the tip on the bronzer - I'm a dork when it comes to make-up so any advice on products is always appreciated! WOW -what a great swingset!! I imagine many memorable conversations have taken place there! Great list :).

  5. Umm, how could anyone not love ba-ba-ba-ba?!

  6. Your parents' swing is so rad!!

  7. I understand refusing to buy makeup that works until the stuff you have runs out. Jacob has listened to me gripe about the the mascara I had to buy during an occasion when I had left my makeup bag. Now this substitute mascara is all I have left and I'm dying to purchase some good stuff, but I will NOT until I finish it up. The other day we were in Target and he even asked, "Don't you need mascara?" and tried to convince me to buy some, but I have my principles and this $4 tube is going to get finished. :)