Tuesday, April 23, 2013

These Girls

Now is as good a time as any to go ahead and link-up with the beautiful, talented Sheena of Bean in Love for some documentage (that's a word, right?) of these girls. I would say I am doing it because they are currently in rare form, but I am beginning to learn that "rare form" is simply "normal" and "who they are". So here we go:

This girl has been all personality since her birth, but it is more fun and interesting as she grows.

Her favorite things are currently:
- playing with Bernadette
- pushing Bernadette away and asking her to play on another side of the room
- pretending she has brothers named Peter, Edmund, John, Michael, James and John Paul (shout out to Sarah and Lindsay, she really likes James and JP)
- The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
- Peter Pan
- Being read to all the live long day (favorite books include: Virginia Lee Burton's classics, Dr. Seuss anything, Aesop's Fables, Raggedy Ann stories, Richard Scary anything, and many, many more.)
- Her Catechesis of the Good Shepherd class

She is very thoughtful, always has something going on in her little brain, and her memory is impeccable. She was never very cuddly as a baby, but she makes up for that now with lots of affection. When I drop her off at her catechesis class she gives me like 5 hugs and kisses before i leave for the 90 minutes.

She has a wonderful gift of being able to talk and socialize with anybody. When Mike's grandmother came in town this past week, Naomi was amazingly eager to just sit with her and chat for however long GG could sit and chat. There is not really a shy bone in her body, and it is such a sweet, warm and welcoming quality about her.

She could talk all day and has so much fun stuff to say. She has a fantastic imagination and is incredibly bright and I have to refrain from telling her that too often so that she doesn't go around announcing it to strangers and being that kid.

Bernadette Martha:
This child has really thrown me.
For the first year of her life I would have described her as relatively laid back, dosile, quiet, calm, happy. And now I would use the opposite of all those words- except for happy, she is a very happy child.
Rocking a Hugh Hefner/Chance Boudreaux look

She is spunky, fun, outgoing and pretty much screaming all day. Not tantrum screaming (though there is plenty of that) but just that her talking voice happens to be at the level of a yell almost all the time. She must be heard!!

Her imagination is insane (insanely awesome!) She is in character %90 of the day and probably dreams in character. Some favorite made-up characters of hers are: Gina, Nina, Nora, Lala, Hannah, Hamanama, and, many more. I think she makes me laugh more than anyone has ever made me laugh before. (She and Mike could have a contest)

She has a sweetest smile and even sweeter laugh. She is really affectionate and a leeetle bit clingy, but keeps the cling under control for the most part.

She loves to sit on the couch and pretend to read entire books from cover to cover with all her own stories inserted. She also loves to sing and is rather good if I do say so myself.  She is also very bright and very verbal and i am always amazed at the things she will remember or things that she picked up when I didn't even realize she was paying attention (dangerous!)

One of my favorite things about her is that she will burst out with an "I love you mama!" at the most random, unexpected times. Capital A Adorable.

Now enough of the good stuff, on to the nitty gritty. You thought you were going to get a complain-free post? Sorry.

Both Naomi and Bernadette are going through wildly defiant phases. When Naomi throws tantrums (sometimes every hour of the day- on a bad day) it literally takes me back to my very earliest childhood memories of myself throwing the most violent, body-flailing, blood curdling scream tantrums and my mom having to hold my giant body down. I was probably exactly 4-years-old. And Bernadette's tantrums are just as bad and just as frequent. You reap what you sow.

Also bed time is kind of like a war zone, or as my buddy Jim likes to call it, a hostage negotiation. They are terrible and we spend a solid hour-and-a-half just putting them back into bed, punishing them for the thousand naughty things they do in their room, giving them a snack, another cup of water, another sedative, kidding. They are crazy.

At least they make me laugh.

Ahhhh, then there is 

Lucy my sweet little rainbow baby. I battle playing favorites every moment of every day with her. Heck, I pretty much give in by 10 a.m. daily and thank God that I have one child who just smiles at me nurses.

She is not moving even a little yet. She hates tummy time with a passion and would be content to sit on my lap and alternate between nursing and eating her toes all day if she could.

She loves the exersaucer, the bouncy seat and the changing table. If she is angry, taking all her clothes off but her diaper will cheer her right up.

And even though you might think that her older sisters' screams would scare her away from them, she adores them and will never hold back a thousand smiles and belly laughs from either of them.

No significant solid food intake to speak of and night wakings have increased to about 2 a night, but I honestly love it and will be really sad when it stops. She goes right back to sleep after eating and it is just a little extra quality time that I get with just her, since that is so limited during the day.
Enough is enough.
I know this great little baby phase will only last the tiniest bit longer before she is toddling along with her sisters leaving destruction in her wake, so I am just soaking- and kissing- it up as much as I can while it lasts.

Head over to Bean in Love for more sweet baby talk!


  1. This is a cute window into your kids.. My second was also calm the first year and then went crazy!

  2. Ana, I seriously, seriously wish we lived closer because I seriously need to meet your girls. They are hilarious! I think maybe we could trade two for two for a day just so I get in on all the fun your older two imagine up. :)
    Thank you for linking up! I LOVED reading!!

  3. Our kids would match up perfectly. Mine have the same personality styles in order, down to my Baby Lucy.

  4. Seriously, I wish I could meet your girls too! I think Cecilia would love them more than anything in the world and they would have crazy fun together and John Paul would probably just go read books to himself in the corner while the girls all used their imaginations...

    And I so feel your pain with those tantrums - we were RIGHT there a couple of months ago and I only just realized that somehow it has gotten a LOT better. I don't know what it was, but John Paul no longer wails like a banshee every time he doesn't get his way! Although Cecilia seems to have taken over the screamy role... Because why have TWO reasonable toddlers when instead you could have one crazy screamer?

  5. Thanks so much for the growth update. It makes the space between us seem a little less. Love you all.