Tuesday, April 2, 2013

sick chicks

All members of the Hahn house under 4 feet tall have contracted the plague. Or some sort of viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract which affects primarily the nose. Symptoms include coughing, sore throat, runny nose and sneezing.

Right- also known as the common cold. But you would think it was the plague.

While I hate being a mother who complains about her children having a cold, I will ALWAYS be one of those mothers who complain about her children driving her crazy.

You would think they have a week of life left. I'm pretty sure we've gone through more rolls of toilet paper than an IBS patient on laxatives from Naomi grabbing enormous handful after enormous handful, touching her nose, throwing it away, then getting more (because another huge handful will surely do the trick this time). 

Their reaction times to questions asked or directions given in approximately 700 times longer than it usually is, which means it takes them the entire day to get their shoes on.

Naomi sufficiently freaked out our friends today by continually telling them "NOT TO GET TOO CLOSE TO HER OR THEY MIGHT GET SICK!!" and yelling every time Bernadette put anything close to her mouth at all.  I had to keep on reassuring them that it was only a cold and not tuberculosis.

And as is expected in a family where the older siblings method of playing with the baby is shoving their faces into hers, the Lucy is also infected. This meant a night of the most pathetic cries-from-the-crib I have ever heard and resulting in me wimping out, taking her out at 10 p.m and not putting her back until 4 in the morning. 

Mike saved the day by letting me head out sans the 2 oldest sick chicks to enjoy a relaxing grocery trip with sick Lucy, who was even better behaved during the trip than well-Lucy. Who knew that was even possible? 

A bright spot in an otherwise dark and snot-filled day. 


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    1. And that pic and sentiment... exactly!

  2. Sounds like my house lately. Baby coughs are the worst- they're so pitiful it melts my tired mommy heart.

  3. Hi- I found you by way of Conversion Diary. I like your lighthearted blog and now will always be indebted to you for introducing me to Jim Gaffigan (7QT)- oh my goodness. lol. I had a puking kid yesterday and now 2 puking kids today.;) I totally found him on Netflix last night and unwound with the hubs.

    Anyway, yes, colds. As much as I hate stuffy noses and the contstant threat of an ear infection developing if the cold doesn't abate soon enough, I'd rather have that than this crazy mess. I'm still not sure if I blame it on everyone shoving easter candy at my poor boy or if it's just a fluke. Ah well. Get well soon!

  4. We're just finally getting over that plague here. Hell, I tell you. Pure hell.

  5. If I had a nickel for every time I've yelled at my kids "Blow your nose, don't just dab at it!!!!" I might have enough money to afford all tissues my household goes through each winter.
    We're just coming out from under a stomach bug here. I really REALLY try to sympathize with my kids when they're puking their guts out, but seriously, how many times can you miss this trash can when it's right under your nose and why the hell did I buy red Gatorade?!?!?
    And I love the picture by the way. To kids, saliva = hand sanitizer. Good times.

  6. It is so hard to keep the germs under control. They have no clue.

    At least there is no throwing up!

    Lucy looks like a real-life doll in that pic!

  7. Babies with colds - the worst. Because you can't do anything to help them feel better. We've had that here too, but all my people can blow their own noses. Maybe a few boxes of kleenex...?!!

  8. What is worse than a sick baby? Three! Prayers for you, super mom :)