Monday, April 22, 2013

Too Much Talking + a vocab lesson

In an effort to not write a rant of a post on how much harder having a 4 and a 2 year-old is than having a 3 and 1 year-old- or even an 18 month-old and a new born- I will just post some things that the girls have said recently that have made me laugh, or at least held me back from going completely crazy.

I apologize that most of it makes no sense.

Bernadette, while changing her diaper:
"Why do you have that sticky throat on your head?"

Bernadette (trying to include me in her play): You are the Gospel and I am the priest.
Me: What is the Gospel?
Bernadette: The Gospel brings peace and then shoves me in and rolls around and (breaks into song) Lady of the roses! You have brought us peace!

Bernadette (during their gross wake-up hour, while everyone else is sleeping): Where's daddy?
Me: Where do you think daddy is?
Bernadette: I don't know! Is he in Kansas???

Naomi has been showing off a lot of new verbal skills with big, new vocabulary words.
The problem is that most of them are completely made up by her and can only be deciphered using context clues. We'll see how you do with these. 

Naomi, after trying on a "new" dress-up hat from the thrift store:
"I think I like this hat, it looks SOBER good!"

 It sure does...

Naomi, deciding where she will sit during bedtime prayers:
"I will sit on the floor, because that is my octution"

Breaking up a fight where Bernadette has been left in tears, I asked Naomi why she was crying:
Naomi: I didn't want to be interjuiced with Bernadette!
Me: What does that mean?
Naomi: I didn't want to play with her

Naomi: Listen mom. I am not okay with bugs sharing our house with us. Here's my opersation: they can fly around all around outside but no where in the side.

Naomi: Can we go to the grotto today when we take daddy to campus?!?!
Me: Yeah, sure
Naomi: Good! I need to pray for all of my sufferings that I have committed.

There was also a very detailed explanation from Naomi the other evening about the term "salad-bottom", which apparently defines any bottom that is covered with anything- pants, underpants, a diaper- any bottom that is not bare. There you have it- salad-bottom.

She is really good at choosing names for people and things as well:

Naomi: Hello Rogita! What is your baby's name? Jigobats? That's a wonderful name for your baby. Or doops queenie because she goes doops so much.
Me (and Lucy): ok
Naomi: and this is my new teacher (Bernadette), her name is Switch Back Switch Back.

Passing 4 alpacas at the zoo, I asked Naomi what she thought their names were. Without even 2 seconds of hesitation she responded:
"Queenie, Sneaker, Bob and Chrissy!"

And last but certainly NOT least.
Lucy: Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba



  1. Ugh tell me about it - when the kids were 18 months and newborn I could just whip out a boob for the newborn to keep her happy. And at 1 and 3, at least the one-year-old was enough of a pushover that they didn't fight. Now at 2 and (almost) 4 they are fighting over EVERYTHING. Including the babies, and WE HAVE TWO OF THEM, ONE FOR EACH BIG KID!!!

    I had a dream that my husband decided to send them to boarding school. Best. Dream. Ever.

  2. Oh my gosh I LOLed at this so hard. Forwarded to my mom and sister. Want to name something Jigobats now.

  3. these! Definitely got me laughing on this rainy morning :-)

  4. I wear those girls just love to hear their own voices! Which is good, because it makes for good laughs for me :)

  5. I'm not okay with bugs sharing my house with me either...totally with Naomi on that one.