Wednesday, May 1, 2013

5 sanity savers

Time for some favorites with Hallie, because all my blogging ideas up until today have included too many expletives for my PG rated blog and so much complaining that I started to throw up a little just thinking about posting. Mostly kidding there, but it was a rough start to the week, so to keep things nice and light, I will dig deep for some favs.


For me it is more like wogging (a walk jog). Like I said, yesterday was rough- and I will not divulge exactly how many times I had burst into tears before Mike came to my rescue to let me out of the house for a run, but it was too many (worry not, I just have a flair for the dramatic). After the run the tear sessions tapered off because running brings me a little sanity. I think even I picked up a pace a teeny tiny bit yesterday so that passersby weren't completely confused about what sort of recreation I was actually partaking in. Little victories.

top- prayers for everyone's sanity at the grotto; bottom- up in our biznass
I have lost count of the number of trips we've made to campus since the weather has stopped dashing all my hopes and dreams of outside time. Yesterday (again with yesterday) all three small ones were up from naps by 1:30 and I thought my head might explode, but then campus and the promise of seeing Mike in his carrel PLUS feeding the extra friendly ducks PLUS seeing other human beings went ahead and saved me from a trip to the loony bin.

McDonalds Iced Coffee

You cannot get it in a size small (bummer!) so I took one for the team on our way to campus yesterday and got a medium, held the liquid sweetener (ew) and added my own artificial stuff (because I know what true health is) and it was divine. I may or may not have gotten another one today.
Date Night, baby!
In our younger, freer days, when dates happened when we wanted them to.
I think planning fun things on Wednesday is the best way to get yourself through the week. This is our first attempt having a babysitter come who is not related to us, and even though the girls will be in bed when she comes, they never actually stay there once put in, so we will see how it goes.  I plan on ordering 2 margaritas upon arrival and downing them post haste so that if the sitter calls begging us to come back home, my judgement will be bad enough to say "NO! NEVER!"

Didn't know I'd be in the picture.

Enough Said


  1. I love that picture of you and Mike!! Good luck with the new babysitter and have fun on your date!! :)

  2. Yay for date night! Yay for babysitters! A whole new world is about to open up!

  3. No! Never! .... hahahaha, love it.

    Your girls are getting so big and oh my gosh, Bernadette's blonde curls!!

  4. Ohhh, date night! Ours are usually prayer meetings and conferences. We still don't have a non-grandma sitter, so we don't like to overload her since she watches the kids while I work part time. One day, I too, will look forward to downing margaritas...or martinis...and running to Mexico. Speaking of running, that has to be one of my favorite clips ever. In fact, when I think about running, that is what immediately comes to mind. ;)

    I will have to check out the iced McD's concoctions now that we have decided to lay off the Starbucks. I hear they can be tasty. :) Enjoy the running and warm weather!

  5. Love McD's iced coffees!!
    And amen to everything on your list (except running which actually gives me panic attacks) and finding our sanity breaks wherever we can.

    Hope today has been a tear-free day!

  6. I second all of these! I'd only add a glass of wine and dark chocolate on the porch.

    You have three very little ones and I was there two years ago. It's amazing how that hard time changes so fast. Now we have an almost 7, a 5 and a 2 1/2 year old and while, things are still crazy it's not the same kind of crazy of three really little ones!

  7. Iced coffees are awesome! And you've NEVER had a babysitter?? I shudder for you. If you find one you like, let her come when they are awake. Often. You and Mike need to get out!! I was blessed (twice!) to find a GEM of a young woman - both became like family to us and my boys LOVED them both. Then they left. Stupid college....! And now I don't need one because I have my own, home-grown, teenagers to watch my littler people. It's a whole new world.

  8. I LOVE iced coffee! Yum!!

    Date nights are awesome too! Enjoy.

  9. You two look like you're 23!

  10. I was just thinking that too-what Bonnie said. Mike looks so young. No way he has three kids. I hope that's not offensive. This is coming from a couple that look like we're 17.

  11. Good for you on the date night! I hope you're enjoying those margaritas.

  12. 1. All of my blog-friends have taken up jogging, I feel like a bum. I hate running. Running and I are like oil and vinegar.

    3. These are my you're-a-mom-treat-yourself favorites! WITH the liquid sweetener.

    4. c: !!!

  13. ahhhh, something about a jog that gets my sanity back.... then again wine helps too :)

  14. Lol, the running pick is hilarious. That's me! So what sweetener do you use for your coffee? I need something that is natural but yummy. =)