Monday, May 13, 2013

Cooking With Naomi

Homemade Ice Cream:
A recipe by Naomi 
PHOTO CREDIT (not Naomi's ice cream)

Naomi: Do you know how to make ice cream?
Me: yes...
Naomi (acting as if I said "no"): Well, I do!

You're going to want to file this one in the old recipe card holder...

Step One:
First, you dip the ice cream into water, then you put salt all over it.

Step Two:
Then you twist it in the oven...

Step Three:
and you burn in it the fire.

Step Four:
Then you gobble it all up.

*We don't know where the original ice cream came from, we'll assume she followed a standard recipe...

A Note from Naomi:
"I generally put icing on mine first"

Oh good, that will really improve the finished product.