Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Fun Takes

Joining Jen for some Friday Fun Takes because it's what I do. 

Disclaimer: these quick takes are being written while I am half asleep. But I figured it would be better to try to write a blog post on the couch in the same room as the 4-year-old and 7-month-old than to leave the elder one in charge while I sleep. Hopefully the coffee I am chugging will at least kick in by #7.

1) We are kind of a lame family, particularly in the family vacation department. I think we're just used to having only little toddlers and babies who couldn't care less about going places so why the heck would we spend money, time, and tons of energy on going to the beach when the kids would be just as happy going to the park accross the street? So it is thoroughly throwing us off that Naomi is now "pre-school" aged and actually gets excited about the prospect of doing something more than that together as a family.

Our last beach vaca with Naomi at 2 months and then we went and left them at home with my parents last summer, because we're the funnest parents ever.

2) We came to this realization about our first born when we told her last week that we would be taking her and her sisters to Kalamazoo for a night while Mike attends a huge Medieval conference and gives a paper. Her excitement was disproportional to say the least, but so stinking cute. She talked all week about going to a hotel with her mom and dad and sisters all the way in KALAMAZOO! She kept telling me she would have to say "goodbye to all of her friends and tell them she will not see them for a very long time" (Kalamazoo is 1 hour away).

3) The big day finally came yesterday and I even made a big deal out of taking her out of her catechesis class a little early so she got to tell every one "goodbye" in the middle of class. (*we left yesterday morning, we have been back since 11 a.m. this morning). And off we trotted to Kalamazoo, the land flowing with milk and honey, or at least water and animal crackers.

4) First we stopped at Dwija's house, where you would think that Naomi was having her legs torn off every time Dwija's sweet, tame dogs came anywhere near her. And Dwija and I took no pictures, but it went something like this:
too much fun to handle or to photograph.

Dwija was the funnest, sweetest hostess of all time with the cutest most well behaved kids, not to mention being the cutest 12 week pregnant lady around. And I wore my biggest, chunkiest necklace because I woke up with the biggest blemish on my colar bone that I thought for sure would scare her away as my friend forever. Then high school called and asked for is oily skin back. (There's the explanation for that huge necklace, Dwija)

5) And we spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out in the hotel room watching movies and roaming the hotel halls...

which is apparently the equivalent in Naomi's brain to seeing the Eiffel Tower or snorkeling in the Caribbean...

And we topped off the fun with a 30 minute post-dinner swim in the hotel pool. She was on the 9th cloud and I heard her say at least once that "this is the best day of her life!" Please nobody tell her how lame it all actually was.

6) The nice thing about a 24 hour hotel family vacation is that you still get the exhaustion and mess and bags to unpack of a long vacation but with fewer stories to tell. Is that a nice thing?
the face of fun

7) Completely unrelated but I am really excited about my father-in-law's new book and you should be too! Or not, whatever.

Here is his description stolen from facebook:

I am thrilled to see my newest book finally out, Consuming the Word, sequel to The Lamb's Supper. Find out how the "New Testament" was a 'sacrament' long before it became a 'document' - according to the document! And how Jesus instituting the Eucharist is what transformed Calvary from a Roman execution into the supreme sacrifice of all time. And how the Eucharist is the interpretive key to the early Church's understanding of the 'New Testament'. And much much more! I really hope you get a chance to read and enjoy it!

I have only read a couple of his books and I plan on adding this to the list of those that I've read.

Now head over to Jen's for more takes!


  1. Ha ha! My four year old thinks hotels are paradise on earth too!

  2. Ana! I am SO very happy I found your blog (via Camp Patton)- I've really been enjoying reading it! Your girls are getting so big and it's fun to see how they've grown. Keep writing- you all crack me up! I'm excited to get to see all of you ladies in a couple of weeks at Chris's shower (eek!) Thanks for providing me and us all with great entertainment :)

  3. Dang it! Missed being first comment because I was busy trying to figure out why people were screaming....AGAIN.

    En-ee-way, I am so glad you guys could come over yesterday and seriously, come up anytime you want. My standards for my children and the state of my house are (as you saw) quite low, so since you clearly put up with all that, we're good to go. I truly love when people just show up.

    I love how you created a picture of us. And that ALL THE WAY IN KALAMAZOO is the land of milk and honey. And all the things. I'll stop talking now.

  4. Disney or Pixar really ought to base a character on Naomi

  5. HA! me and Naomi are on the saaaaaame page. Maybe she and I could take a little vaca -- or that might be REALLY weird. nm.

  6. Oh my freakin' gosh! I'm cracking up over here because I *never* put it together that Scott Hahn is your father-in-law. Even when I read it in #7 I thought you were joking. Even though I've looked at pictures of your husband and I know your last name. But then read #7, thought about your name, and scrolled up to the picture at the top of the post and felt a little like Watson next to Sherlock.

  7. ALL my boys think they have died and gone to heaven if we stay in a hotel. Any hotel. Doesn't matter where it is. And if there is a pool? AND the cheesy free breakfast buffet in the morning? Oh my - Katie bar the door.... Throw in some cable TV (which we do not have at home)and it's like a 5-star vacation to Maui as far as they are concerned.

  8. When we took the kids to Disney world, we realized all we needed was a hotel with an outdoor pool. they were just as excited to do that!

  9. We've decided it's not worth a hotel stay if we don't get two rooms. They won't calm down and we can't all go to bed at 8. So anything worth doing has to be worth 2 hotel rooms. (read: it's rare)

  10. I found you (and your chunky necklace) via Dwija - according to her, you are super famous!!

    I like your blog already, and can't wait to go back and read all of your posts (which is the best part of finding a new blog)!

    Come by and see me at Home In Douglas!

  11. Hotels are paradise on don't have to clean up or make the beds or clean the bathroom or anything else. These magic maids come in and do it all for you...what more could you ask for.

  12. It was so nice meeting you! I know I come off as sort of dull and uninteresting at first (mainly due to my highly introverted temperament) but I promise I am not a boring person for real. In fact, most people who know me think I am pretty weird and sort of fun. Sometimes. I hadn't read your blog until Dwija linked it for me but you can be sure I will be stalking, err following, from now on!

  13. Gramps is wondering what in the world I am cracking up about in here. Naomi has me rolling in laughter! We didn't take a vacation (anything beyond a long weekend and one where Dad didn't have to work or build something)until we'd been married 10 yrs. You were 6 mo. old. Prior to that, it was a traditional day or two at an amusement part. And the kids always thought that was a perfect vacation. You're right all it takes is a hotel and pool.

  14. I showed my husband the new book, and he is really excited. He loves all of Scott Hahn's books and talks!

  15. Haha, my 4 year old still talks about the time we met grandma halfway between her house in ga and ours in pa and stayed at a hotel for the weekend. I really see no need to take him someplace traditional like, say, Disney, when i get equal excitement from a day at the hotel pool!

    And btw, your fil is awesome, or at least his books are awesome so i assume he is too :) i'm so glad you mentioned his new book because i hadn't heard of it yet, it sounds interesting.

  16. Oh my gosh, that you/Dweej photo collage about killed me. I'm so jealous you guys got to hang out!

  17. We had to live in a hotel for three weeks last summer and it was probably the best three weeks of my life. Elevators and endless staircases to play on, Hannah was set.

    I'm excited for the new book! Lamb's Supper was my favorite.

  18. Oh for the days when a swim in the hotel pool constituted a vacation. Actually, I take that back. Sometimes it still does! :)