Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sissy Chrissy's Shower

Since it took me a full 5 minutes to navigate to this page on my decade-old computer, I feel like I am now committed to the task of giving you an entire post about my short 2 day venture to Ohio for my little sister's wedding shower, for which I apologize now. For an exciting, inspiring post without insider family info and jokes, go elsewhere.

This shower was quite the party and I have stolen lots of pictures from facebook, taken by my sister, to showcase the fun, but more importantly, to showcase the awesomeness that is a shower thrown by my mom. She has thrown all of us wedding and baby showers, and they are always da bomb, but this one was da bombest (did anyone wonder if Chris might actually be the favorite and not Jon? I sure did- sorry, inside family joke).

First, I will just get it out of the way that Lucy hates her car seat- hates hates hates it. Did I mention she hates it? She was worse on the way there than on the way back and I am just really glad I have such great siblings that didn't mind a screaming baby for large chunks of the drive. I am suuuuper excited about the drive back in a few weeks. Super.
She was happy once we got there.
Now onto shower stuffs.

First off, let's talk about my parents' patio. 

A few months ago they decided to go crazy and tear out everything that was there and build a huge outdoor "oasis", as my mom called it, and have Christina's shower at their home and call it a garden party. They finished this project the day before the shower. Then hosted it. Because they are crazy. Here is what it looks like:

Under the pavilion they put in a brick pizza oven, which was the main food for the shower. My all-star sister, who arrived with her five gorgeous girls, made all the dough and rolled it out for my brother-in-law to assemble with my dad and uncle and cook for the guests.

 I know at least 60 people were there, but probably more like 70, so yeah, that's a lot of pizza. And it was soooo good.

The shower took place the day before memorial day, so it was a patriotic theme, which I had no idea about until that day, which made it especially convenient that I brought along my most patriotic outfit.

My sister was beautiful as she always is, and as are all my sisters and my hot mom. It was so great to see them all and it got me so excited for another reunion in just a few short weeks when we're there for the wedding- and for it to last longer than 2 days.

I absolutely loved getting the special time with Lucy, and may or may not have cried a little coming back and realizing how little time I get like that with her but then I am a crier.

Sorry for the picture heavy post, maybe I will post something really long and boring and word heavy soon to make up for it. Or I probably won't.


  1. wow. that looks so so so so fun! and all the girls be so gorgeous! Cant wait for wedding pictures!

  2. Wow that may be my dream outdoor space! With a pizza oven? Sounds amazing!

  3. Um, you all are good-looking and that pavilion is amazing.

  4. I'm totally showing that picture of the backyard to my husband. We're planning for something back there. In the far distant future. When the kids are gone. Sigh. It's so funny that you have all sisters, and your sister has all girls, and you have all girls! Any boys in the mix? Looks like great fun - I love, love, love getting together with my sisters and my brother.

  5. daannnng. Your mom is hot and that patio makes any attempt at a backyard patio that we will ever try seem lame. Like your parents' patio would look at ours and in a deep, patronizing voice say, "Nice try, kid."

  6. So glad you had a sweet,albeit short,time,Ana. With all of the little tykes that came, we're putting the number at closer to 100. God so ordained the perfect day, sandwiched between 2 (weather wise) crappy days. He was shining on us all. Can't wait to get you all back here for the wedding. But we'll be out to see you all in a week-cannot wait!

  7. Wow that is some dedicated parental units, building some huge patio for a shower! That is dedication!